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methadone detox

Okay I am in the process of tapering down my methadone.  I am doing 2.5 mg a week, and I feel okay except at the end of the day I feel very restless and just uncomfortable.  I am now at 15mg, and was just wondering something.
My clinic will let me go back to the clinic as long as I don't miss more than 13 days.  If I get to day 12 with no methadone and then I cave, will all that be for nothing?  Will I have to start the withdrawal process from the beginning even if I just take it once for some relief? For that matter what about 7 days??  Just curious.  I have kids to take care of and school and I know I will need some relief.  My family doctor will not give me clonidine.  Or Ativan.  They say I just need to get through it.  Should I maybe see a psychiatrist?
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Set yourself up for success, don't even leave going back for a day or week as an option. Yes, go see an addiction therapist, I find psychiatrists are more prone to prescribing meds and therapists do talk therapy or CBT. It won't be easy, no matter what, but you are stronger than you think you are. Going backup in dosage or going back to the clinic after the taper is done should be put out of your mind. If you leave that as an option, chances are your brain will make the symptoms worse, so it can get what it wants. No joke, I used to go into methadone withdrawal, physical symptoms, when I knew I had enough in my body, but didn't have any for the next couple days. The brain is that powerful about this. Slow down the taper, if you are concerned, but don't go up in dose or back to the clinic.
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