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methadone or suboxine ?

I asked my clinic to start a taper I am on 50mgs of methadone {3months} they said no.I asked to drop 1mg every other day. They want to switch to suboxone. Is this a good idea?I want off of this stuff.Please help
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Hello Dukeee,  5 days and counting here!!! I am not familiar with suboxone but I have been on methadone a while. I went from 100 mg too 3 mg in about 18 months. I felt nothing going 5 mg a week till I got below 20 mg. I then started 1 -2 mg a week and would hold for a week or 2 till I got to 3 mg and then jumped and I will tell you jumping at 3 mg is no cake walk! I took my last 3 mg last Tuesday and with the help of dear man on hear I am still hanging on!!! I still have bad pain and RLS, but during the day I get by, It is the nights and not sleeping that gives me the most trouble. I will say if you have only been on the program 3 months please detox gown 2-5 mg till you get to twenty then 1-2 mg a week till under ten(all how you feel) I did try to jump at 6 mg and believe it or not those 3mg less helped me a lot!!  I do not think your clinic can tell you NO! I am on a private clinic and The nurse at the dose window is a true advocate for getting off Methadone! The sooner you get off the better don't drag it out as I did almost 10 years. If your mind and heart are ready GO FOR IT!!! I will be looking to see how you are doing. I can tell you the man I am talking to on her is Gnarly(Very knowledgeable and honest. Send him a message if you have questions I will tell you about my journey. 5 days and counting !!  Turnthecorner......PS I look at it like this Suboxone is also very hard to get off of from the threads I have read. Why switch one for another addiction. Take care and God Bless
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The clinic recommended the switch and said no to my request to start a taper. This clinic has gone bad the Dr is in florida I am in New Mexico, my counselor has now about 30-40 patients she is new to the position she used to answer the phone.
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Hello and welcome. You have to be insistent and telling them you want to taper. Tell them you don't want to switch you want to taper down.
Do you go to the clinic everyday or get take homes?
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I go every day , I have asked more than 5 times I asked the Dr twice asked my counselor two times asked the nurse to submit a request to taper. This place has gone down.
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I do know Methadone is a Business, my own Dosing doctor calls it liquid gold as he chuckles! i've been in the clinic 8 years now! and have slowly been detoxing and now after 28 months am at 50 mgs! I want to be clean so bad! But get next to zero support! its all $$$$
BTW they had me at a 135mg holding dose for almost 5 years!
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And funny thing , the moment you cant afford them anymore, they put you on Administration Detox, which at my clinic is 10mgs a day until Zero! then off to the streets ur sent!
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