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methadone withdrawal help

Hi. I've been in methdone maintaince for 2 years. Until now I've never had any problems at my clinic. Recently one of my drug screens came back dirty for opiates. I've been clean ever since I started the program. The test HAS to be wrong. I gave birth 9 months ago via c-section. I was hooked up to a morphine pump and NEVER even felt it. If I couldn't feel that then why would I take a hydro? I'm hurt and have lost all faith in the clinic. I paid 45$ to have the urine retested and then found out today there wasn't enough to do another test. Do i get my money back? NO!! Then i have to pay 20$ on top of that for it being dirty. I'm hurt and outraged.  I don't want to give that place another penny of my money. I'm wanting to go cold turkey but I have a baby to take care of. I got some xnanx hoping that it will help me. I'm praying the pain will be bearable atleast. Does anyone have any suggestions.? IWill the xanax atleast tAKE THE EDGE OFF? Please help. My does is 70 mgs. I could use some advise and prayer. God bless.
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This is a serious step on your part and feel very strongly it is no place for a baby........

Can't you leave your  baby with your Mom or someone you trust for a few days.......
Your probably going to get very sick........
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You will be pretty sick, I just quit 80 mg and I was never so glad that I had no job to do no kids to raise and no one to have to be nice to because I was a basket case and for me to say that it's bad. Who do you have in your life that can take care of your children? Is the father around do either of you have family near by? Good friends that will come over and at least help out during the day? I had the methadone clinic do that to me too in fact thats what made me quit the first time I got off. Came back dirty for amphetamines what kind of **** was that I thought Brrrrr gives me chills just thinkin about it..Anyway leave no stone unturned if you are serious about walking away you will need some help with the kids at the least..Will they put you on a detox or is that not an option. Sometimes they will offer 21 day detox not that that will make a big difference you will still be sick..Please look at your options carefully the last thing you want is someone getting your kids like D.H.S. or something. Good luck and keep posting and detox slow if you can..If you were alone I would say do it but taking care of others when you can't even get up out of bed is torture..a-wakan  
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I'm just praying the pain will be bearable. My faith in God will get me through this. My mother in law has offered to come over during the day if I get too sick. My husband can take care of my baby when he gets home from work. My husband is so mad at the clinic. He wants to sue them. I mean, I paid for a service that I never recieved. They didn't even do anything because there wasn't enough urine to retest. The right thing to do would be give my money back. My husband thinks they're trying to scam us. Well, today is day one with no methadone. I'm asking God to make the withdrawal bearable so I'm able to take care of my daughter. When I look at her it makes me want to give her the best I can and the best is to be sober. For her, me, my husband, and Jesus. The Bible says "the poor is servant to the rich and the borrower servant to the lender." I've been servant to the methadone clinic too long. I've always heard people complain about the clinic and I've always thought to myself " i've stayed clean and followed all the rules and I've never had any problem" Well, that's till now.. . I hear day 3 is the worst. I'm hoping the xanax will help.  This is day 1. I'll keep posted about how i'm doing.
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I hope you make it you sound very determined and just take a look at your overall health because going cold turkey is rough. And if for instance you have kidney or heart problems or anything else that will suffer as a result of your withdrawals be very careful what helps me is drinking lots of gator aid keep the electrolytes up take supplements cause you probably won't eat well and force yourself to eat. Get some ice cream fruit toss it in a blender eat things that are easy on the stomach. If you can afford it get some ensure the vitamins and minerals in their helped me and it gave me energy and also kept me from getting sucked up. Your body will be fighting a battle give it the tools it needs, when you feel sleepy if you feel sleepy take advantage of any opportunity to do it,day,night,morning,,who cares get it..It will be much longer than 3,4,5,6, days before you feel good  I have been off for a month and still don't feel right for me it comes in waves I will feel good for a while then go what the hell hit me in a few hours now I have a day where I feel good and a day where I feel bad..So the good time is growing longer. Keep you reasons for quitting close to your heart, you can make it and I am praying you will, and god does help us in these situations he certainly has me,,Hang in their sister....a-wakan
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be careful with xanax,- i have used it in the past and i got seriously addicted to it. it's a mental hell to get off it, if you get hooked. be strong and bless you and your kids........
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the reason i got the xanax is because i absolutly hate it! It makes me depresed. I thought, however, that it might help me sleep and not to feel so anxious. So far it's helping but it's still too early to tell. I've used it in the past too and never liked it. I just want to be able to sleep. I'm standing on the promises of God.. He promised who so ever asks shall recieve. I've asked for His almighty help and to have mercy on me. I believing on His promises because He cannot lie.
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I detoxed off of 50mg methadone.
I did is SLOWLY and I had NO ISSUES WHATSOEVER. I swear, I went down 3 milligrams every 2 weeks.  I would have 1 night of where I would feel like I could not get my legs stretched out at night, but that was 1 day in the 2 week period.  I never got sick, nothing.
I was on it about 2years.  Just take it slow and come down slow and you will be amazed at yourself.
The human body is remarkable and just dont do it fast and you will make it.
It took me about 1 year to come off 50mg.  I could have done it a little faster, but I took my time and made it.
The best of luck, and make sure to PRAY, God will help!
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I hope your withdrawl is as bearable as possible.. usually takes 48-72 hours for methodone withdraw ls to start.. its different for everyone.. be very careful with the xanax like everyone said and have someone help you with your child care as much as possible.. methdone withdrawl can be very nasty and last several weeks.. you will need help caring your child..
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today was day 2 without methadone. my mother came over today to watch my daughter. She's coming tomorrow too. It hasn't been as bad as I thought. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's still too early. The xnanx has helped me sleep and that's all i've done all day today. I thought about coming off slowly but the clinic has done me so wong that i WILL not give them another penny of my money. Tomorrow is day 3. Pray for me. I have so many people  praying for me right now that I feel like I can do anything. My daughter is being taken care of through this so that is such a blessing. I hope tomorrow won't be bad. Does anyone know how long it's going take to get the methadose completely out of my system? Please, pray for me. Prayer works. I truely believe God is wanting me to do this and do it this way. Thank you to everyone for the advise.
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Your withdrawl has probably not even started yet.. due to the long half life.. most people don't feel symptoms hit for 72 hours.. hold strong.. it is gonna be hard.. Maybe you should check into a detox at a hosptal for a few days??
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This is day 4. Well, morning of day 4. Yesterday was bad. It was tolerable till last night. I'm feeling pretty good this morning. I hope it lasts. I can say this though.... if I didn't have Jesus in my heart I would never even attempt this  by myself. I wish I could check into a hospital. We just don't have the money. I prayed and asked God to provide the money for something like that if I couldn't do it myself. I haven't seen the money and our credit it out of wack so that's that. I'm just blessed that family is helping with my daughter. I'll keep posted on how I'm doing.
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