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methadone withdrawl

Hi, I'm new here, I'm a kiwi so Hi all from the south pole.. Well, my situation is this - having had a poppy seed habit (oh yes, they work alright)for about 5-6 years i've decided for various reasons to go on a local methodone program, which I think will end up with me cruising onto a dose of maybe 20-30 mgs a day. Having had limited access to PT for a while now i've been on a horrible emotional/physical rollercoaster and i crave stability. also, believe it or not, the cost of these seeds hits me in pocket real bad, so help is a good option. esp a bit of old councelling also etc. and monitoring - yeah, i don't mind handing myself over to the organization..doing a course at college and think that the program could be a good way to keep me stabile and motivated.
ANYWAY, before i do this, i hear many differing opinions on the drug. One that i fear is, of course, the dreaded withdrawls. i hear they last longer - for months even - years even..I've heard some real horror stories, dropping down is fine, but even coming off 1 mg is hell. I'm not an idiot, i know it won't be easy, but what I'm asking is, speicifically, what is methodone withdrawl like compared to opium?
can anyone describe it for me, what should i expect? Any symptoms exclusive to methodone? How long is too long to be on? I envisage perhaps staying on 3-4 years.
well anyway, um, post yer thoughts. I'll appreciate thee input. You know, users are amongst the nicest people I know. And so..so intelligent...strangely enuf.. We all seem to , i dunnow, perhaps many of us use to assist 'playing the roles' assigned to us in mundane everyday life. Something for the boredom for those who have 'thought' about society that little bit more (too much) perhaps. We're all different.

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kia ora kiwi.3~4 years is a realistic time 2 stay on mdone.osteoporosis or probs with bone density is an emerging prob with the longterm,aging mdone user.nz is doin an xclusive study on this.cardiac arythmia is rare with people on hi doses(160+)but can b resolved by lowering the dose.mdone wds r no more intense than ne other opiate but they do tend to last longer.u sound like a u got yr head in the rite place and
methadone can,if not abused,provide a stable platform to build a wonderful life.
regards J
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I don't know much about methadone, sorry. I had no idea you could get high from poppy seeds? Just goes to show that man as a species will never run out of ways to  screw ourselves (LOL). Whatever you are facing as far as DT's, just know that it takes a strong mind and an incredible will to fight the battle. Just wanting to get clean shows that you have the strength inside you already. You can do it...and you WILL!
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well, they (mostly) work in new zealand, but not in the states (they are washed)
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my husband has been on methadone for 2 years....2 years of hell. sometimes he thinks if he would have just toughed out the withdrawl from opiads that things would have been so much better. he has this crazy craving for sugar. ice cream is purchased by the gallon several times a month. he is always constipated. hasn't worked in over a year because he is depressed all the time. and wants off the methadone but is scared to death that he will have a heart attack.
there are meds that a doctor can give you for withdrawl that would be much better than methadone. "i swear its evil".
i'm new here and hope i didn't offend you.
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Please just detox off the opium. I am currently detoxing off methadone and it has been awful compared to detoxing off herion. It stays in the the body longer so it is a longer withdrwls. I mean 22 days and still little sleep if any, still leg aches, etc..Herion (opium) only lasted 7 days hardcore withdrawls. Methadone does allow you to get stability in your life as getting a job, paying bills and so forth. You will be a slave to that clinic and you will be trading one habit for another. One Love
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I assure you that opiates are going to prove to be the toughest battle of your life.  It will prove to be the toughest to ever detox off of.  When I say that one feels like your insides are being ripped apart with razor blades.  You find yourself praying for sudden death in order to rid of this debilitating feeling.  Many each year continue to get on the methadone not knowing of the difficulty that they will eventualkly have to face.  You are never advised by your methadone physician of any of those facts!  Methadone is ONLY a substitute!  A more difficult one to get off of; given so the government can make more money from it.  It's all a ******* scam!  I have been an addict throughout my 57 years on this earth and after being on methadone for over 15 years it has proven to be the most difficult fight of my life.
If you want to take this on as a joke give up now because you will lose!  I give you my word of honour coming from a man after losing over 37 years of my life to prison because of it.  Clean up today before it is too late!  GOD BLESS YOU MY BROTHER!  He was and continues to be my higher power.  You will need one too!

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