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im learning something to every one going threw wd, detox, we have to stay active so we dont feel sick and take a boat load of vitimans, and dont give up, for just to start over again , it will only get harder thanks john
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Way to go John...Now u r getting it..You will see the light shine better and brighter each an every day..You do not have much more time to go Right? What are u down to on the mgs now???How many pills a day? Keep it up...Glad to hear you are keeping busy and the mind re-directed...
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John you are doing it man !!!   it will all be worth it when it's over   hang in there buddy
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tues liquid 19mgs, that will be the big test?
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im sorry i wasnt done yapping. 14mgs in one week every tues., than 9mgs, than 4mgs, and then quit, or go the whole week on 4mgs what should i do 4mgs the whole week or just quit?
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We can not give you a taper plan...You are OK...The DR should know whats up...I jumped off the methedone at 30mg..I was also using two other meds with it..I found myself going back up on the dones to 30mg-80mgs..So I needed to just do it...You will be fine..A good taper is the way to go..
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U are doing great John!! So proud of u.  Keep it up.  I think your taper will be successful.  

Im glad u see that keeping yourself busy and lots of vitamins will help!!  I'm experiencing that very thing!!!  It works !!  I'm almost finished w 12 days clean today!!!  Praise God!!  U can do this
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congrat did you get any chest pains on wd? i do smoke i have to quit when i get past the first wd
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No I didn't really get chest pains.  One thug at a time.  U will have time to quit smoking.  Quit the md first!!  U got this!!!!
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