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milk thistle

Hey my peeps,

I haven't chirped very much lately as I've been feeling really sh*tty.  Anyway, I was starting to get concerned
as I thought that I was allergic to the L-Tyrosine, which has been giving me energy and I didn't want to stop taking it,
Or I thought maybe it's the Milk Thistle for my liver.

I have been feeling nauseas and bloated and my head has been very clogged but I have extreme ragweed allergies and thought that's what most of it was, it's the worse time of the year for that here, until we get a frost.  Also I've been really itchy and having hives.   Long story short, I investigated both on the internet and the
L-Tyrosine is fine (even with my Welbutrin), but the Milk Thistle .....holy crap, I didn't connect it before but, if you have ragweed allergies then you shouldn't take the Milk Thistle; the allergic reactions listed were all that I was experiencing.  Jeeez, thank God I figured it out.  I was getting really bummed.

So anyway.......heads up to anyone that has seasonal allergies as the "Milk Thistle" may not be a good idea.
I'm already feeling a lot better as I haven't taken any MT for over 24hrs. now.

I've been doing a lot of "post" reading and believe me I really really wanted to comment on a few things but I
just didn't have the energy.  I also wanted to individually thank a lot of you, so I'll have to do that later today.
God bless you all; the "ones" who are newly here, take solace in the fold under the MH wing.
.....a warm and nurturing safe place to be.  And you "seasoned ones", hold strong and be proud, for you
all are doing so much more than just getting your own lives clean, you're such an essential and indespensable
part of a whole.

Prayers of love and hope and healing to all.
:o}  xo
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Thanks for that girl! I have ridiculous allergies and have been downright miserable the past 2 weeks even with my allergy meds. Good to know to stay away from the Milk Thistle! I hope that you start feeling better soon. Great job on all of your clean time. Take care my friend and keep your head up. :)
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Glad you got that sorted out S!!  Allergies are no joke...and add something counterproductive to them can be brutal!  congrats on your clean time and don't you worry about not posting, you just take care of yourself!  way to stay strong girl!  proud of you!
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What was the MT supposed to do?? I'm beginning day 4 CT and I am searching for ANYTHING to help.. I have this xanax but my new found family here is telling me NO,NO,NO :):)
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Hi there, Spider. I'm so glad you posted this. Many herbals interact w/ pharmaceuticals. If you're looking for a good liver protectant with relatively few side effects you might want to check out Schisandra Chinensis, Anything that is an effective liver cleanser, toner or protectant, generally either causes meds processed by the liver to be less effective OR causes them to be broken down less effectively. Congrats on your clean time!!
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Oh my Spider! I am so glad to see you back and so glad you are feeling better!
Remember I am always here for you and always got your back!!
love you my sweet spider!
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I'm sooooo glad you caught that early....Bless your heart!!  I have fall allergies so bad and can't imagine putting some of that INside me.  Wow!  It's very nice to have you back...I'm sorry you were feeling crappy... NO more milk thistle for you my little lovely :)
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