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mind over matter right???

Well.  i have taken this lovely detox trip before so even though my body is crying im going to say f&%* it and take the girls out for the day.  screw it if it can't take a joke;). no way about it. im making sure i never get back to this stage again!!!!
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Wow, good for you.  I hope it helps take your mind off of it for awhile.  I am very impressed with your strength.
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That's the ticket! Sounds like you've got the right attitude! You go :D
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The kids are bathed and I vacuumed.  Im outta here in a few.  Good luck to all of us!!!!  Its now or never.  I keep asking myself when I think I cant go on anymore- "How do you want to live your life??!!!"  I want to be happy so no more!
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You couldn't have a better attitude! I'm literally surving by that same attitude. Soooo empowering! The strength that comes from it, priceless. You got it! :)
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Just got back.  It was tough but I did it and the kids had a lot of fun.  Im hurting pretty good right now but Im going to take a bath and restart my brain.  There really no place to go but up at this point.  Onward and upward.  

Heres to all of us that have gone or are going through the process!:)  Push, push until you cant.

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good mornin from oz love ur additude n determination ya killing it huni enjoy ya bath turn some music on n relax we here for ya huni mwah xoxoxoxo ya friend in oz aj
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