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feelin rough...itchy to..kinda strange.....all though it took 80 seconds to think of ox's as appose to the regular 10 secs....hey i'm cured!...pfft....i've decided not to change the times today cuz it just doesn't matter and if and when shyt does wrong i can blame it on the time..huh time change...wut time change...i am personaly guna try to spring ahead but the clocks are on their own..lil tickin bastards...hope everyone feels ok....strong and all that stuff...hey i found a cure for my rls at about 4 am..wack your legs with a bat and really give yourself somethin to whine about...try it..you'll hate it..
i was walkin my homestead this morning thinking about the move at the end of the month and it suks to carry a laundry basket downstairs so i hope i feel beeter cuz i have a lot of stuff to move man.....i'm one of those handy men that holds parts and pieces for years cuz i know i'll need it  in 10 years............i'm guna toss  a bunch of it i guess..everytime i do toss something i end upp having to go buy it 2 weeks later though to fix sumtin....anyways.......good mourning....opi
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why ya movin
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good morning opi....
funny story for you.....Steven and I always enjoy your posts...as most people do.....we were trying ti survive yesterday and Steven made the joke our wd symptoms could be more enjoyable ....maybe he should send you a pm...that is what we will do...
don't want to get my posts removed just telling something funny.

You are doing great, enjoy your day.
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Awww come on   I need to laugh too..  Please share...
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hate it since day of living here...landlord sayd all this stuff...insulated i did this idid that...
neighbour is like the neighbourhood cop..keeps traffic slow bla blah...nothing he said was true....the cop neighbour is actually a blow dealer.....we got conned..took  him 7 months to deal with simple issues.....then i used the rent money(s) for drugs....i coulfd fix that but we found an awesome cute renovated home and when the landlady met us she took only our call outa 30...we like a nice yard(we build a summer oasis)...this lot we have now in just dirt w/strange creapy plants theat i beat down with 2x4's...not our world.....our home has 70 house plants and we like that to be our yard to so this place is not worth it..hotub with a jungle growing around it..ya no.......i just hope i get better by then...i am looking into hirring movers this time.....i think i can find the energy to point at stuff and say,,,ya that,,,then that,,,take it easy on that,,,lol....nevr did it that way before soi am going to make call tomorow and find a cheap mover...ahyes....albour that i don't have to do....this is new to me....without ox's my body wont take it anyway/////
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ya screw the snivs,,,post it here...it all about possitive energy and if some can't handle it then medhelp needs to study recovery a bit more
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my posts will now start with....if you are humorless and bitter read _ _ _ _ pots
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We are very commited to never ingesting opiates again ... but as you know we are still into smoking the herbal remedy....it helps and we are happy about that....when the gov't 'encouraged' steven to stop smoking (or go to prison) we quit...and that is when we picked up our opiate habit.  Long story short there,,,,,,,,,so...we live a 'hippie' life, some of you may not elect to pursue things we do - One of our favorite things about getting off opiates is having our 'spirituality' back...we haven't been able to concentrate or meditate or anything that requires concentation.
Anyway........while we were feeling like hell yesterday, steven said maybe we should try this w spme LSD    UGH  Can you imagine how miserable?!?  LOL THAT WAS A JOKE, we are going to wait until this is long past..............we might actually get to enjoy something without having a head full f methadone rather than brains.
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Opi, you just kill me .  Your wife must be in hysterics all day.  
I think getting a moving company is a very good idea.  We don't want any injured backs and pain pill scripts. NO NO NO    I tell ya thats one thing I have learned being off the perc's is my physical limits.  Screw pulling the weeds in the yard, now I just blast em with Round-Up.
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check inbox
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i'm calling weeds at the new place....plants...all my friends ask,,,what are you guna do about all your injuries....pain mangement and stuff.........i look at them and say well..i think it 's guna feel like this and i punch em in the face...lol..........on a good note...my friend has lent me his snomobile so i'm taking the wife on a winter wonderland tour...i might not walk for a few days after but hey it will be fun....i'm a ******* like that...last year i swore i could make a jump on my mountainbike...it was a 10' drop and i saw the way man...by 3' it was all over ....i still have a hunk of handle bar stuck in my ***...guna get it removed before jail so i can fit medics body wash up there....i need to stop beeing in denial and admit i'm forty and hurtin......no more oxy's to fix my stuborn ***
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I hope our garden doesn't suffer because we don't have pills now!  It was great last year...even though we could take a nap leaning on our hoe every 5 min....fall asleep breaking beans, etc....methadone is a b*tch....sorry that is just true!

We are going to expand our minds at a later date....right now I fear it would explode.
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i'm gentle cuz i'm typin and slow at it,,,,,,imagine my hyper active mouth runnin on....the wife thinks some stuff is funny but sometimes it's to much for her..........
oh......here is something funny you know add.........i also have adddtp(attention deficit disorder due to pot),,,,made that up last year......should be in a medic journal one day
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