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morphine withdrawals

Have been on 30mg twice day for over a year, my last dos  will be tomorrow, my doctor told m  to just go to ER if i have problems, is their nothing he can giv  me to help, now i am terrified, anyone have suggestions
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Why is your doctor stopping your meds? Don't be afraid! You will be ok! Their are many ways to help ease your discomfort during wd's! Most importantly CALM DOWN and just take each thing as it comes. Refer to the THOMAS recipe for things to help you through detox and stick close here... We will help walk you through each step of the way!
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Doing really good on lyrica so hopefully will hold so i can get off morphine, i have been down to 30mg now for 4 days and dont feel any signs of withdrawals i went from 60mg .
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that's great....good to here Lyrica is working.  My dr tried cymbalta (i guess its also an anti-depressant?) but it did nothing for the nerve & muscle-skeletal issues i have.   Didnt make me happier either.  :)  But i was already happy...vs now.  Day 10 & i keep on keeping on.

Good luck with the taper & keep us informed.
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oh man... I'm right there with you, terrified. Please do keep us posted. We can go through this together =)
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