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morphine withdrawl

i quit using morphine after almost 2 years.....its been 5 days now and still feel horrible....cant sleep...severe back pain and leg cramps...i feel more drugged now then when i was using....how long isthis going to last....i thought this would be getting better by now....i have to go back to work monday  i have no choice.
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You should start feeling better by day 7. The physical withdrawals are gone for most within 30 days. The mental part continues for life but does get better with time. Do you have a program for aftercare? AA/NA meetings, group therapy, counseling?
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no...to make matters worse ...i'm a nurse...if anyone sees me anywhere  word will get around quick...and there goes my job....idont know if its because i feel so bad or what  but i dont even want the drug anymore......and after this im never going to touch it again
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Counseling should be safe...  Nobody knows why you're there, and they can't just go rattling off to anyone about you.  Concerning NA meetings, do you have another town nearby?

Hope it helps.
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If you are a Nurse you sort of have an advantage, I would think. We have a few other Nurses on the Forum and if its okay I will give them a heads up for communication with you. Doesnt make it any easier physically to be a Nurse. The computer gives you some options. There are online meetings. And you may use the Net at any time you wish, like you are doing here at medhelp. Knowledge is power with this situation. Try 800mg Ibuprophen for the back pain. Try some banana's for food and for potassium (for cramps..).  Look into some of the information open to you through medhelp's Health Discussion's pages....particularly the Thomas Recipe and more importantly the Amino Acid Protocols.  Post any questions that you may have AFTER reading those (think 5-HTP & Theanine & L-Tyrosine) and thinking about your PERSONAL requirements........Plenty of routes to wander, but easier with more information.  And its stuff that you need to know tomorrow if you do not need to know this minute.  Plenty of experience here and lots of help available for you.  And good luck with all.   eagle
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thank you....and it is okay that you give other nurses on the forum a heads up....i did reaad about the thomas recipe but was afraid of having another addiction...but maybe the amino acid protocols.....are there specific sites for the online meetings...all the towns here a small leading to onjly a few places for na...and unfortuantly i know who a few people who already attend and dont need them leaking information...i know that  is not s0opposed to to happen but it does.
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