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multi mineral/muti vitamin a sub for taking 20 diff vitamins a day?

i take b6, b12, l-tyrosine, calcium, zinc magnesium,and vit e, just to name a few, i also drink a whey protein shake in the mornings, i started taking centrum which is a multi mineral and a multi vitamin. im worried im taking to many vitamins. ironic! this coming from a girl who wasnt worried or did i ever questioned myself taking 12 perks a day, wow i just relized ive came a long way. lol anyway back to the question.. is taking a multi vit/multi mineral a subsitute for taking all of my other vitamins. i want to make sure im geting the vitamins i need to get off of my suboxone all togeather ( which is coming soon. yeah!!!!!) but at the same time im not trying to over do it. ive been reading where its actually possible u could take to many vitamins and it actually harms ur body. id appreciate ne fed back ty everyone.
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HI its pritty hard to O/D on vitamins but there are some that you can take to much of
for the most part as long as your only taking one of anything you should be cool on the calcium/magnesium/zinc I took a 3 in one and read some where to take 4 with breakfast and 4 with dinner to help with the withdrawals ...doing a slow taper off methadone I had my share of withdrawals and I found it helped out considerably so on that one its safe to take more then one and you actually need more then one to get the benefits from it when you get some time go thew the health pages on the right hand side of the screen there is a lot of good info there...good luck and God bless...your friend Mark  
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hi, ang...

well, i don't know if they are too many but i know that i took them for the first month all of them !!! :)
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