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my own milestone today...

today was day 9, have never been able to make it past this day in three years. and now the day is over. i have heard opinions on the best way is to just keep busy during wd's but never took the advice before, would always just sit and shake.

i am still twitching, but only seem to notice it when i am not being active. even though i was sick as a dog i forced myself to go for long walks, do housework, et.

today was my second venture out and i am a whole new me, not the old me, because so much time has passed. ran more errands, shopped, went out for food (never tasted so good!) and even got my long dreary hair chopped off to a short pazzii style!

like was very good today, and still take it one second at a time and i wish for everyday forward i am always this humble : )
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Congrats on day 9!!!  Keep exercising and moving around.  Enjoy the new "do"!!!  Feels good to take care of you doesnt it!!!!!!!!            sara
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one second at a time is the only way to go. congrats on 9 days. looking forward, it can seem very overwhelming just how far you still have to go...but it's not nearly as bad when you only take it day by day, and sometimes hour by hour.

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Jen my kindred spirit!  I too had a milestone this time and made it past my own record (for me Thanksgiving made it past my record) so I know exactly how you feel!  Congratulations on 9 days (probably 10 now!!) and keep on truckin' girl!  We're doing this, aren't we?!?!  We are!!  Good job and keep up the good work.  As you know, I'm a bit ahead of you and guess what?  The sleep is coming back!  Granted I still wake up at 5 a.m. (UGH!) but I sleep right through the night mostly and getting about 7 hours, so I can't complain.  Keep pushing because it does get better and better.

I'm sooooooo very proud of you!  
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