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narcotics and pregnancy

I posted before but didn't get much of a response.  I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with taking narcotics during entire pregnancy (be it prescribed or not) and what the outcome of the baby was.  Any experience at all.  I've had to be on them for a medical condition and I'm terrified for the baby to be born addicted.  I've heard it totally depends, some are some aren't.  My doctor seems to think the baby will be fine, but that is not good enough for me.  I just want to hear from people that have been or are going through it.  Please any story will be helpful.  
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I feel your'e fear. All Id suggest is to pray for the lil perso. I have heard and read stories withboth outcomes. Hang n there I'd be willing to bet the longer time you have clean gives yer baby more of a chance not to be addicted.
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PM (private message) 1234betterlife. She is an RN specialized in OBGYN
http://www.medhelp.org/user_profiles/show/279300 She has not poted this week, but I bet she will answer your PM.

I too have heard good and bad with using while pregnant.
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my wife was on a narcotic for a back problem when she was pregnant with our son. i have no clue what it was , but it was a narcotic. Our family doc prescribed them . i was freaked out , so i took the bottle to her ob doc. he assured me the baby would be fine, and it wouldnt affect him at all. she took them about 2 months or so, right thru first tri-mester and into the second. all was well, but i would still do as mike suggested, and PRAY.. my prayers are with you and yours....
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welcome, I know one of our members is very helpful with people who are using durning pregancy her name is girlybuff ......she has alot of good info
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Thanks for the response.  I will PM her.  Can I ask the spectrum of what you've heard?  I'm sure a lot has to do with the amount taken and length.  I too, actually, am a nurse.  I specialize in pediatrics believe it or not.  So, I've seen w/s' in a neonate.  I think that is why I'm so terrified.  It definetley helps if the doctor is aware because they watch for it and intervene as early as possible.  My problem is I cannot go off these meds.  I've been told by my perinatologist that it is more dangerous to come off then to take them.  In cae of a bad pain crisis that will distress the baby.  I feel so out if control and so guilty.  I appreciate your response.  I know it's a taboo thing
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worried878 and Jacqui805 are nurses too. We will try to round them up for you.
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