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need help want a chat room

I really really would like to talk to others about my addiction and the  ability not to be able to stop doing crack.  Can any one help me with this.  Please and thank you for your help
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How long have you been addicted to crack, and how did it begin?  I'd love to help...
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You may place a Post on the Social side - Addiction Social Community - and start a discussion ........  One good part of the crack problem is that you dont have the physical withdrawal that you have with some other things..... Best way that I found to get away from it was just that - get away. Take a long weekend and flee...... get a few days in between you and the using. But when you get home - - you have to change things / or else they remain the same.  Need to change Playgrounds -  change Playmates - and change Playthings.  Dont tell me that you cant do that - cant afford it - or whatever....... we both know that if there were a rock involved a way could be found.  You will need to put as much effort into staying clean as you did put into staying high.................
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i goto na meetings, been going for a while now managed to put together some clean time, its a great chat room so to speak
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the ONLY way to quit is to completely stay away from anyone who does it or can get it for you.  I had to move away & change my numbers.  But it can be done.  Physical WD's are very minimal to none at all.
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