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need help

HNeed help I was at 19 norco/ Vic a day just decided to quite I been doing them for 2 years I have just decided to take 3 a day withdraws are happening can't sleep I go to work everyday I told my boss too so he knows y I look like crap will this get me off them if I only take 3 a day and will it hurt me
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Hi, welcome here :)... sorry that your post got overlooked... If you have cut down your dose from 19 to 3 it is normal that you are feeling symptoms of wds already... The point of a taper is to cut down the dose in the time and slowy not so fast, otherwise you might jump and quit ct now that you are on 3.... The worst day is usually the 3rd, so you can plan this day to fit on the weekend, saturday and then the 4th on Sunday...Don't go back, you have made the best decision by quitting, addiction is ALWAYS progressive and a down road... Have a look at the Thomas Recipe and The Amino Acid protocol at the health pages ( scroll the page to the bottom and click on Most Viewed Health pages ) Keep a positive mind,you can do it, Tweeter :) Keep posting and telling us how you are doing, ok ? Good luck !
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Hi!  I just read your post.  That was quite a jump you made - 19 down to 3..Wow.  That's brave of you, although tapering more slowly and letting your body get used to the lower doses would have been less painful, as Laurel indicated.  

What day are you on now?  If you quit shortly before you posted then you must be close to or on Day 2 right about now and really starting to feel the withdrawals.  Try to eat when you can and make sure you stay hydrated - it is so important!

Post so we know how you're doing.  

Well wishes to you.....

Sandy :)

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