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i have not done any oxy for about 10 days now but my anxiety has not even started to go away. i read a few times on this forum about people mentioning neurontin. i do have access to this (800mg tablets) but i havent tried it yet was hoping someone would have some more information on how this could help keep me off opiates? my cravings are very intense and i honestly am afraid to relapse
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I am on neurontin.  I definately helps whr w/d the RLS.  BUT with me it plays with my emotions.  I get very emotional, and cry a lot so I havent taken it much lately I'm on 4th week now.  Anyway hope that helps a little it sure does help the w/d.

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What is neurontin? What's it for? Just curious.

You know after the hard WDs the mental stuff sets in and this is a very critical time for you not to relapse. You will crave the drugs for months you have to be strong and keep busy. I'm all about using something during this time if it helps and you don't abuse just take as needed when  you can't stand the feelings. Be careful you are very fragile right now and will be for a few months. I'm here if I can be of support.
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thank you very much just knowing ppl will listen does help, i have been trying to get some percocets not gonna lie, but i havent gotten any yet which i guess is good. i quit oxycontin for good i know i cant use that again, but these weaker opiates are in my head im hoping if i use something weak occasionally then i can stay away from the more serious oxycontin, i know im rambling and it doesnt even make sense to do anything but i hate that i LOVE opiates. :(
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sorry to bump this just reallllly would like sum info on neurontin
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I mentioned neurontin awhile back. There was a news episode where a clinic was using it  as part of a detox plan. I went from taking around 200 mg of hydro to cold turkey. I've been through withdrawals without it so I know exactly how much the suck! I used neurontin and was able to go on with life. I still had the chills and some anxiety, but you was bearable. It really helped me the most with sleep. The only side effect I had from it was a tinge of a headache and a little fuzzy headed. That could have been from the withdrawals though. Neurontin was originally prescribed for siezure, bi-polar, and convulsions. It has other off label uses now such as for pain and drug withdrawals. Just google it. I know on wikipedia it says on there what is was and is used for. It even mentions about being used off label for drug withdrawals. I hope this helps. If I can answer any more questions about it, let me know! I was totally amazed on how well it worked for me.
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That sounds like a pretty interesting med.
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Please keep in mind it is still a 'med'...with possibly harsh side effects.  If you want to attempt it using vitamins, herbs and minerals...that will make a HUGE difference also.  At least it is worth checking on.  Someone recently posted to Thomas Recipe....I changed it around a little...my additions to it are in my journal.
Remember...the percs are still virtually the same...they alll need to be avoided....I know it is rough.  Please keep posting.
(Oh - Zinc helps with cravings....Magnesium works on the depression.)
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When I used the neurontin I only took it for about 10 days just to get through the physical withdrawals. Neurontin is used for many different things. A few of those are sleep, restless leg syndrome, anxiety, hot flashes, and many others. All of those symptons are a part of withdrawals. I was truly amazed on how well it worked. I was originally prescribed neurontin for nerve pain due to scar tissue hitting my sciatic nerve. It didn't help with the pain but after doing some research on it I found out it helps for many other things. There are rehabs that use it for detoxing. I know how you don't want to trade one drug for another. That is why I just used it for a short amount of time. It doesn't give you a buzz or the warm fuzzy feeling. So for me it wasn't addicting. Not it is not addicting but wasn't for me. I have been through withdrawals before without taking anything so I know how difficult there are. But with the neurontin I hardly had any withdrawal symptons.
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thanks i will try the zinc, my problems though are not just the drug cravings, i have a panic disorder and depression which opiates REALLLY helped, too bad they ruined everything else in my life cause i could care less about anything when im floating in the clouds. luckily im still 10 days clean! sad part is as soon as sumone offers me anything less than oxy i WILL take it and not because i dont know better but because i realllly want it, i dont know what to do.
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Congrats on 19 days clean...I think you need to decide if you really want to be clean or not...you should not be taking things that are "less" than oxys...you will end up right back where you started..on that addiction merry-go-round....

Anxiety is part of the process and you need to find another way to deall w/it.
Have you thought about any kind of an aftercare program? Some kind of a support group like NA mtgs, counseling, etc... you need to get to the core issues of why you want to use to "feel better"...these are the triggers that send us back out there...

\good luck on your journey...keep posting...we're here for you...just don't pick up the drugs....
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I think it is probably 300 mg tabs you have....often prescribed 3 x a day...I take 150 mg only at night ...blocks pain impulses...does have a sleepy effect to it but you adjust to that quickly...safe drug and my pain mgt doctor only gives out safe drugs.without a lecture...he likes it...now lyrica is the newer version and much stronger...he would rather I stay on the N.....again..it helps with sleep and did help me thru WDs...It is not like it will just knock you out but take it when u r not working the first time
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oops..typo...i meant....

COngrats on 10 days clean...


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