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I am a 50 year old woman who has been using percocet for about 5 years.  I am a case manger and started confiscating my clients pain pills when they were in the hospital, came home with pain pills.  i could of lost my job doing  this if anyone found out.

During this time I had my toes operated on and shoulder so that only continued my addiction.  I met some one who sold percocet to make money and I have bought pain pills every 2 months to keep from going in withdrawl.  I am ashamed that I continue to buy percocet illegally and spending so much money.

I was in AA for 12 years when I started back drinking and taking percocet.  I know the signs of addiction but ignored this and continued my addiction.

My question is what is the effect on the body when drinking and takiing pain pills regulary?

It can't be good to use both.

I trust I will get an answer and will be so apprecative for an answer.
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well first of all you do realize that percs are oxy's.  it all depends on how many you are washing down with the booze. obviously mixing the two is not good. but there are many here, that have taken up to 25 pills a day for long times, and they survived.  I use to wash down norcos with beer, i seem to be alright after 5 years of addiction. but everyone is different.

I see you are ashamed, but do you have any plans on quiting?
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alcohol is very bad to mix with pills because of 2 things:
1 is the fact that alcohol destroys the enzymes in your liver that metabolize acetominophen (which is in the percs, vikes, etc) so you could be looking at a very increased risk of aceto toxicity/liver failure

2- alcohol also depresses respiration and so do opiates. combining the two can cause respiratory failure and death
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Both are respiratory depressents and can cause death if combined or too much of either.  I also was diverting pills from my job the difference being that I got caught.  Do you want a felony conviction on your record?  Probably not.  Please try to get help as you should not withdraw from alcohol on your own as you can have DT's, seizures, etc.  The pills are safe to taper or just quit cold turkey.  Stop while you still have your health and your job.
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the difference between oxycontin "commonly referred to as oxys" and percocets is that percocets have acetaminophen/ tylenol in them. anyone in healthcare knows the extreme risk of this combination is liver damage, failure, cirrhosis. it can happen suddenly or not at all after sustained abuse.

what you did is no different than a million stories on this board. it is the nature of the disease. if you attended aa you know the steps to take to relieve the shame.

it is always a good idea to have a liver panel drawn at your physicians when you are ready. in the meantime you know what you have to do.
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Also percs go into your system immidiately were as oxy is release slowly unless chewed. It depends on how much you are drinking and how many percs you take. The tylynol and the alcohol will destroy your liver. You shouldnt take more than 3000mg tylenol in a 24 hr period. You didnt mention if you are going to do something about . No time like the present!!
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I appreciate all the responses everyone gave me.  I do have my liver test every 6-9 months.  The last time was in June and the doctor stated that my liver was fine, kidneys too.  She stated I also was in great shape (have exercised daily since the age of 16).

I stop taking pills for 2 weeks and then end up taking them again.  I have not suffered any withdrawals other than fatigue.  I don't drink like I used to because my life is so different than it was when I went to AA at the age of 30.

I know some of you are thinking excuses, excuses but I guess no one stops unitl they want to.....I do give it alot of thought though.

Again I appreciate everyone's input....I don't feel so isolated with these issues.

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so your still going to peel your case loads/clients percs??

I cant believe you are still going to use and you are a counselor?
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I was 5 years sober and in AA when I started taking oxy.  I was able to kick the oxy, but was prescribed tramadol - which has me right back on the addiction cycle.

I know the shame, the denial - I have thrown all my values and morals out the window when it comes to getting the drugs I need.  It's like I live 2 seperate lives at times - the hidden, horrible one that batters my self esteem is kept quiet - I don't count what I do in that life.  I can make myself believe anything when I am trying to defend / live with my addictions.  The mind is an amazing thing.
You are right - no one stops until they want to - or until they have lost everything they have and worked so hard for, their health is at serious risk, they have been caught or they are just simply tired of being sick and tired and all the secrets and shame is eating them up.
If you try to be honest with yourself, take down the wall of denial and are honest you may start to realize that you are on a very dangerous path - there is no happy ending, addiction is a progressive disease - you may be able to keep it in check for a while, fool yourself that you have some control .
Keep bouncing your ideas off every one here - it is a judgement free place.
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wow stealing your patients pills, lying, tryin to help others but cant help your self.......hello come up from the bottom and join the real world
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you're on this forum too .. who are you to judge and tell her to go back to the real world?  everyone does some awful things to feed their addictions.  maybe you're the one that should get real.
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