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Well, my other thing was running way long, plus i have a brand new attitude! I fought through this horrible day, and then realized i have i think 2 weeks clean today! And then I read through my whole other thread and all of this led ti me believing i can do this, i can make it, and i need better aftercare this time! so im going ti go to na, my therapist, church, here, and het me a sponsor!
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NOW YOUR TALKING!!!  Im digging your enthusiasm!!!  
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Thanks Dane! I'm feeling better because I'm thinking better! Gotba pretty good nights sleep, got kids to school, now the day is nice and brand new!!!
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Good for you!!  You can absolutely do this!!
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Thanks busymom! I've decided to use your aftercare plan, along with a few things others here mentioned. So I should make it! I hope so! I'm going to work it hard this time!
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It's that attitude that's important. At my meetings we have a saying "a good attitude is gratitude". Congratulations on two weeks clean and keep up the positive thinking!!
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Thanks openmind!
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Congrats on 2 weeks! Love the positive attitude! Keep up the good hard work :)
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Love the new attitude!!!   When we dont have time to be sick we make the time to be well~

You go girl!!
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Thanks mommymarieme! I'm going to keep pushing and fighting and keep it positive!

dominosarah, I don't know if you read the end of my other thread but you and that story was what woke me up and decide to change my attitude and work this hard and positive as I can! Thank you SO much!
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Hey girl! Keep believing, cause you can do this! Attitude is absolutely everything. Stay focused and dig deep for strength. A good sense of humor and laughter helps a lot. I think that helped save me while going through this process! Keep singing the old Mary Tyler Moore theme song. Google it if you're too young to remember! "You might just make it after all" Take care, sweetie!
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Hee hee thanks and yea I know the song! Lol! Started a new job today and had more of my tooth fall out, so I am just achy and cramping and crabby and exhausted! But I'm trying to just pull through...im doing laundry now but also watching stupid comedy movies and relaxing with the kids, trying to distract myself...i am certainly on the wild rollercoaster woo hoo
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You have a whole ne attitude shining through and it looks awesome on you!!!  You are going in the right direction, distracting yourself can make things go a lot smoother.  Keep up the great hard work.  YOu are doing this!!
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