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Hello i am new to this forum and it is a great forum. i have been taking percs. roxies for about 2 years now. Always thought i could control it stop when i wanted to well i was wrong. I;ve tried to suboxen took them  couple days then soon as i stopped the sub. i would start the pills an just tell my self okay im only gonna take 1 and none the next day well it never works just taking one. so im finally taking another step. this friday i have an appointment with a counsler and gonna start going to meeting along with taking the suboxen. Wed. was my 1st day taking the suboxen and i feel okay physically but sinca i have found this forum and have been reading everyone post it is helping me with the mental part. i wanna say thank you to everyone for sharing your stories they are really helping me. and no offense to anyone but its kinda nice to know that im not the only person in the situation. Good luck to everyone! If anyone ever needs someone to talk to im here for ya!
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I think you have made a wise decision.Sub can help with the physical part and help to put you in a 'holding pattern',but you need the counseling in order to work through the more difficult part which is the mental.Welcome to the forum....Best of luck to you...Keep posting....Peace...Kim
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Welcome to the forum!!!  Am glad to hear you are getting some counseling as the mental part is the hardest.  Keep posting        sara
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No offense taken. Being an addict seeking recovery from other addicts is an excellent choice. The choice of freedom is what I had made. and you are too!! Way to go and welcome to the forum
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welcome! I think all of us understand where you are coming from.  Talking about addiction and the struggles that go along with it is so healing, at least it is to me.

Congrats on making the choice to stop.  I am currently weaning fro Norco's under my doctor's care. I am down to 3 pills per day, and the mental part is definitely the hardest to conquer.  Some days I tell myself that I can take one more that told to and compensate it for not taking the whole amount the next day.

I have to say that we are the survivors, and we can do this...together!
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