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nicorette gum addiction

I quit smoking in 1999 but used nicorette gum to get off of the cigarettes. Unfortunately, I am now addicted to the gum! I chew about 10-15 4-mg pieces per day and I am worried about the longterm health effects. I have tried to quit the gum several times but have relapsed each time due to very unpleasant withdrawal effects: anxiety, irritablity and difficulty concentrating. I have tried slow weaning, cold turkey and use of the nicotene patch, but nothing has worked. I was wondering if any research has been done on the use of Chantix for Nicotine gum withdrawal, or if there have been any studies done, period, on nicotine gum addiction. I believe that this is becoming a growing problem for our country since the gum is available over the counter. Any advice and help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
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I tried the chantrix for smoking and lost the desire for awhile strange how it worked. It made me very nauseated so I quit that. My brother started chewing gum to quit smoking so now he smokes and chews gum around the clock.
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I really don't know Mary but Med help has a great smoking addiction forum. If you look to the right of your screen you will see where it says "related communities" then you will see "smoking addiction forum "click on it ,it will take you there. I am sure you can find some great info over there ......
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I can relate.  I was addicted to the Nicorette gum for years and years.  I think I would have been better off quitting from the patch.  To get off the gum, I substituted cinnamon gum, one piece at a time for the nicorette.  Sorry to say, I am still addicted to the cinnamon gum just not the nicroette gum.  If I were you, I'd transfer over to the patch (you will still be addicted to the nicotine, but the mouth thing will leave).  Gradually leave the patch on longer and longer.  
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Well, I must win the trophy for long term nico gum addiction.

I've been chewing the stuff, every day, for more than 15 years. I've been told I have jaw muscles of which even **** Tracy would be envious.  They look like they've been pumped up with steroids. If every chew was the equivalent of a tiny foot step, I'd probably have been able to cirumnavigate the globe several times. If I could have figured out a way to convert that chewing power into electrical power, I could have powered all the electrical appliances in my house.

Do you know something? I would often even fall asleep chewing, and then wake up still chewing. Geezus, I could have been powering enough energy to run an electric blanket in the winter months.

Hey, in Australia there is a huge big yacht that races in the Sydney to Hobart actually called "Nicorette". Well, I think I must have just about paid for half the bloody thing. It seems my constant chewing has unwittingly been converted to even sail power!

But now, I'm trying to give it up. I'm on day 3 at the moment, and it's damned hard. I keep reaching over subconsiously for a gum - or patting my pockets down to see if I've got a pack somewhere. But then I have to remind myself: "Hey! That's right! I don't do that anymore!"

It's a hell of an addiction - and the company that sells these nicorettes damned well knows it. They're out to recruit more and more addicts like me - and all under the guise of supposedly helping people improve their lives by quitting smoking. Well, I quite smoking, but I took up paying those mongrel nico dealers an absolute fortune, year in, year out.

Now I don't have any vices left in my life, I'm not sure what I should do with myself. After a meal, I would customarily pop a gum into my mouth. But now what? Masturbation? That seems to be all that's left: "Oh dear, I feel like relaxing with a nice cuppa tea, followed by a little wank?" Oh well, I suppose it'd be worth a try. I guess I just have to learn how to redirect  the jaw action into wrist action, instead. At least it won't be costing me anything.

Anyhow, must be off....duty calls......

The "ex-chewer climbing out of the sewer"....

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I can't believe the name of a cartoon character, "****" Tracy, has been sensored. What about "Mickey" Mouse? That's a bit rude, too.
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Hmm.  Just checking to see if Spencer Tracy is censored.
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I want to get my story out so am posting wherever I can.  I was addicted to both Skoal dip and Nicotine Gum.  I have never seen anyone speak of an addiction as hard as mine.  I chewed nicotine gum - 4 MG - at a rate of between 6 and 10 pieces at a time.  And I did this all day long, every single day.  I was spending about 300 a month buying gum!  No matter what I did I could not stop for long.   I also killed off a can of dip every day - sometimes 1.5 cans.  I could pack an entire can into my mouth in one sitting!

Then my doc presribed the generic for Zyban / Wellbutrin....

The first thing I noticed is that I still craved nicotine, felt the craving clearly - but when I used nicotine I did not get the "buzz" anymore.  It relieved the craving - but no benefit.  I am starting to think that the "anti-depressant" qualities of the drug is what I really needed.  I think there was something that was just not right inside the head and Nicotine was a way of self medicating (I have also self medicated with Alcohol and even tried Pot and Narcotic pills for short periods of time but managed to stay away from doing them long term).  

All of this is embarrassing as hell.  That is why I am using a pseudonym for my privacy.  But let me tell you that if you have this same problem I highly reccomend talking to your Doctor about trying Zyban / Wellbutrin (BuPROPion).


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I wouldn't recommend Zyban to anyone
In a Australia you can get it from the doctor but only once in a lifetime
I took and found myself chasing my dog with a stick !
And I loved that dog very much
Then I found out that the druggies were using Zyban to get high
In short: it messes with your mind
It is better to be happy
And there is no planning in giving up smoking
And there is no way you can get off Nicorette if you are addicted that badly
It is designed as a money maker
I remember the first time I bought it
The pharmacist told me "you are going from one addiction to another"
Another pharmacist told me " at least you don't get all that rubbish in your lungs"
The last advise is my consolation
And I don't have to sit in airplanes dying for a smoke
Or stand out in the cold and rain outside an office buidling
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I'm reding your reply in 2013, I hope you have had success with quitting the gum
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Indeed nicotine gums are the worst. I would grade it more dangerous than cigarettes. I was a chain smoker - gave it up on 4th November-2015. In order to help me will power and control temptation of smoke I picked up Nicotex-4mg gums. After a strong fight  I won the battle with cigarettes but the nicotine gums overpowered me completely. I started taking over 20 gums a day.
After 3-4 months of habit I realised that I was under the addiction of gums. I gave up taking the gums too. Now the side effects of withdrawal of nicotine gums started- Believe me its was horrifying. Many times I thought I would go mad. Symptoms were - Loss of memory, tremendous burning feeling in mind, irritation and uncontrollable anger, confusion and absent mindedness.. I consulted two neuro-physicians one of the diagnosed  that all these symptoms were just due to Nicotex (nicotine gums). In spite of all metal and physical syndroms I did not take at all..Now over 1 month has passed but still some time I feel like having one nicotine gum.. I advise everyone to avoid these gums which makes life more miserable.  
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Gaudiefreak..WOW!  and I thought I was bad chewing Nicorette for 5 years.  .I would chew up a box in a week, then my friends, would get them, not like it and give theirs to me. I gladly took it and chewed the night and day away..

Then one day,I stopped..by accident.I didn't even realize it. Never touched it again.

I remember my family and place of work always finding those silver packets, on the floor, in the grass...LOL

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I ran into this post after getting worried about my gum chewing. I've been Chewing everything 24 gums 2mg/each for the past 9 years plus a pack of cigarettes/day.  I usually start with cigarettes and coffee in the morning, chain smoke about 8 cigarettes , then going to work ,I start the gum,go all day with gum then smoke the rest of cigarettes after work over a drink or something.  I don't know how to start phasing this stuff out. I quit smoking for the first 5 years completely but then when you drink you have to smoke and because of the high nicotine addiction from gum, cigarettes must be chain smoked to keep the nicotine level in your blood.  It's a mess. I buy gum in bulks quantities and always try to buy one pack of cig at a time... HELP !
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