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nitrous oxide addiction

what is the safest and quickest way to overcome an addiction to inhaling nitrous oxide gas?  Are there any good rehab facilities?
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put the whippets down and step away from the tanks. i don't think there is withdrawal from this gas. back in the day we used to use it alot. it's very bad for your brain cells as is freon and all the rest of that stuff. you are the first person i ever heard say they were addicted to it. maybe someone else on here will have some better advice for you . good luck. sway
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there is a detox process for all drugs, even otc meds like motrin, most people are unaware of this, if a individual has the disease of addiction, any chemical they put in their body can be habit forming,
i suggest that you call your local vocational rehabilitation center as soon as you can, tell them you need to set up an appointment with someone about getting into rehab
while you are waiting for a bed, please google, na meeting locator, attend one meeting everyday while you wait
and last but not least, do not use any drugs unless they are prescribed by a doctor,
trust me it works, good luck, oh i should also add, stay away from hippie shows, hang with people in recovery for a while, let them teach you how to be drug free
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See http://www.calrehabguide.com/articles/drug/Nitrous-Oxide.51.html

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