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no drinking tonight

well i'm going out tonight, but i have decided to not have any drinks. i know that in the past drinking has caused me to relapse a few times, so i guess i know i have come so far, that im not taking any risks. lmao, this is going to be weird though, me a designated driver, haha, and ill get to laugh at all the pisstanks stumbling around. although i have never been a drinker (well in college i was) i know i can go out tonight and still have fun, exept no fricking dancing, i need a couple for that, lol.
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avoid the triggers...avoid the problems that come with them :-)
Good choice not to drink. Excellent job on being the DD.....you may very well save a life!
Have fun and dance anyway
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I live in a vincinity close enough to you that the accident w/ the guy from Adrian driving drunk killed the better part of that family was on our news too....tragic...i also, am the dd driver , have been for yrs. and I am thankful i never killed another person while driving drunk...cuzI drove drunk for yrs., many times in a blackout...new years eve i came home @11:15p.m. before all the drunks got in their cars to drive home from their parties...lol

good choice!!! have fun...be safe!
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good for you being a designated driver!!!! we need more of those in my area apparently. On Dec 30, a 36 year old mom, her 2 month old baby girl and 3 other children under age 9 all died when a drunk driver went the wrong way down the highway and hit them head on. The dad and 1 son survived (just barely, too) and thats it =(.   Then just about 2 nights ago, another drunk driver hit a car head on and killed an 8 year old boy and 2 other people. Its unreal. There were 2 more drunk driving accidents in teh last week as well here (Im talking Toledo Ohio area if you are wondering) one of which was yet another head on wreck on the highway. So Im really having a hard time with drunk drivers lately. It makes me so sad thinking about those poor kids and families.  

ok off my soapbox now, lol
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good for you hun .You relized it is a trigger .so you are not drinking . I have been the DD forever .......its not that bad .....
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Good for you man. I wish i could do that. Need to put that on my to do list. Wow you have come a long long way. Just be careful tonight. You know if you dance sober nobody will know because they are all drunk anyway. You might actually dance better.lmao Good luck gizzy and have some fun. Let us know how it goes.
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