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not giving up but frustrated

The Dr's office called to confirm my appt. When they asked why I was coming they put me on hold, then came back and sai they were sorry but they couldn't help me with that.

I called 30 places the last 2 days looking for suboxone treatment. Most of them said they aren't taking new patients. A few asked if I had already been thru detox?  I didn't get that one at all. Why the hell wud I wanna go on suboxone if I already detoxed???

The only 2 that wud take me requires a program so intense that I wud lose my job. For those of u who are gonna say my health is more important.....if I lose my job, my car, my everything and my son, then I don't give a **** if I'm clean anyway. Plus I wud lose my insurance and wudnt be able to pay for it anyway. So its kind of an oxymoron.

At the very least Ive ended my suicidal run with the rock and the H.
Again, om NOT Giving up. Just wanted to update for all of you freaking amazing people. If I ever meet one of you, remind me that I owe you my life

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thanks for updating us!  and congrats on stopping the H and rock....you seem to be determined to stop it all....just wanted to lend my support....just keep posting for support....i don't have experience with subs but lots of people here do.  Hope you find the answers you are looking for!  Good luck!!
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I am glad you updated us.  Have you asked your family doctor to help you?  Sometimes they can get things moving quicker than we can.
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The only 2 that wud take me requires a program so intense that I wud lose my job.

If I may ask, what did they say?  I wonder if you misunderstood perhaps, that doesn't make a lot of sense.  The whole purpose of sub is because it's outpatient, not an intense inpatient residential treatment...so it works very well to allow people to work on their recovery while maintaining their daily lives.

Even the best sub programs only require to see you initially once a week, and if therapy is invplved (hopefully), then it should be about an hour to an hour and a half once a week.  Then, once you're stabilized, usually after 30-90 days, they will want to see you twice a month.  I'm SURE you could swing something like that?

I agree with Sarah too, about asking your PCP for help.  What kind of doctor was your appt with?

I personally feel an intense inpatient program would be the most optimal for you...but a sub program would surely be a start (anything would be a move in the right direction).  How about methadone clinics?  Did you try that route?  If I recall, your usage is pretty high, so that may be an option too...although imo, sub would be the better choice among those two.

"For those of u who are gonna say my health is more important.....if I lose my job, my car, my everything and my son, then I don't give a **** if I'm clean anyway."

I totally get what you're saying here, and obviously, not causing mass disaster in your life is important, but the BIGGEST priority IS your life and your safety.  There are absolutely ways you can enter into a program without losing everything...people do it every day.

I would be interested to hear more about what the sub clinic told you.  The sub clinic I worked in dealt with people from all walks of life, all with jobs (some of them more than one), and families, and lives.  It takes a little juggling, but it is completely do-able.
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I think he said on a previous thread that his PCP couldn't help him with getting off the meds?    Maybe I misunderstood that?  
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So, did they cancel ur appointment then? If not I'd still go to it. Sometimes having a face to face conversation with sum1 is a lot better then on the phone. They can c ur pain and desperation and can tell u really want help.

Don't give up. Keep trying. Right when ur ready to give up is right when the miracle happens.

I understand u can't loose ur job.u don't need to add that stress in ur life. Can u find out how long the treatments will b and maybe seeing if u can get sum time off at work.

Keep posting. It will b ok.
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To find a doctor who can treat you I would suggest you do a Google search for treatment in your locale. There's forums where people even rate the doctors and clinics in your area.

There's also lots of information on YouTube (e.g., doctorofmindmd - That MD talks about initial Suboxone treatment - induction - starting on a Thursday and ending on a Sunday.   I do not know if his is a typical course of action. See video  RJbwBybPpM

There's services and doctors even rated on Yelp. If you live in a bigger city all the more likely there's some Yelp and forum reviews on the provider.

My point is there's a full range of treatment techniques. For example, it looks like "the 2" who could take you are expensive rehab centers, with residence care ranging from one week to 30 days. Obviously only the independently wealthy with a clear calendar can take time off and pay the $10,000 to $25,000 fee.

It sounds like you have been diligent in your search. Hang in there and keep looking. There is someone, somewhere who will take you in.

If there's one thing I have learned in life, many professionals have a good heart and want to help others. Not everyone is in it for the money, and even if they are, many doctors, for example, annually take a certain number of "free" patients.

Where I live there's hundreds of services, ranging from group treatment centers for people with no money, to the holiday spa centers that charge a fortune because people have money or insurance to cover the bill.

Even the government provides funding for treatment centers and doctors because govt, knows that treatment is more effective than tossing people into the system.  

Tip: Get a 8.5 x 11 paper tablet and write down on ONE PAGE a summary of your situation, what you are looking for, and why you are calling.

Be prepared to make an orderly presentation to people you call.

Take notes of your search - (who you called, what they said).

Also keep things organized on your computer (bookmarks, etc.)

Doctors are human too. That old maxim applies when calling "You don't get a second chance to make a first impression." So if you sound flippant, rude, short, condescending, undisciplined, or "lazy," they may give you that tried and true reason that easily gets rid of callers "Sorry, the doctor is not taking any new patients at this time."

Note: If the receptionist ask you a number of questions and THEN says "Oh, I just looked it up. Sorry, the doctor is not taking any new patients... " that is usually an indicator that you said something to garner the response to your presentation. The remedy for that is to polish your approach for the next call.

Lastly, the most valuable source for tips on where else to search is THE RECEPTIONIST. When calling around when someone says (and you believe) that they either don't handle your kind of care, or truly not taking new patients, ask the receptionist if she or he knows of a clinic or doctor's office you can call. If the receptionist (aka intake person) has been at it for a while, he or she knows who is who in the business. Often times they may respond "Oh you can try calling _____ because I think they are taking new patients (or provide that treatment).

Hang in there. Someone out there is a perfect fit for you, to get the treatment you want, under the circumstances you desire. Sometimes it takes a lot of legwork.
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Dnt think anyone answered they asked if u were thru with detox most likely because they wanted to know if u quit(how long for the H)u c with most or all really opiates u will go into precipitated w/d if u take the sub too soon after the last time u used I believe its around a couple days(I may be wrong but thats what I know of it).Ive heard thats 10X's worse than reg. w/d.This isnt easy2find.U might have to call200more.Google sub drs.U may have to drive an hour or two but its worth it.R u wanting to take it long term or just through the w/d(sry dnt know of ur other post).Keep calling.What about methadone?Thats also an option for both short and long term.I NEVER suggest either of these cause long term the w/d is VERY long because u taper tremendously slow but I feel w/the drugs u were using its a wonderful option and aftercare of course(no Im not saying do something that will ruin ur job/life as thats pointless and if u could Im SURE u would).U quit2of the hardest drugs ever.BRAVO!!
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AND ANYONE WOULD B FRUSTRATED!U wanna get well,trying hard and not catching a break.I truelly believe that these r the road blocks/tests we r ALL faced with when we get sober.It stinks but dnt give up.
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Sorry it took so long to respond. Life is trying right now. Keeping everything up. Ive been stepping things down on my own, going thru disgusting w/d's and still have everything going full time.

The 2 sub clinics that were even taking patients who wanted off drugs required, for the first two weeks, 4 hours a day 4 days a week. Weekdays only. No night hours available. Then 3 days a week for the next 6 weeks!!!!! 8 weeks total. I bit my lip and decided I wud take fmla if I had to but can only get 30 days.my son was prettu sick early in the year and so even if I stacked every sick, personal, vac, and fl holuday I have left it still is not another month. Even so, that wud leave me with zero days left for the entire year. And I kniw my addiction puts my jo. At risk, but there is a diff between at risk and 100% losing it.

Yes, I cannot goto PCP. Frim previous comments he has made to me about other patients (which yrs is very unethical, as he tends to be) if he finds out I am using ANYTHING not prescribef, or more than prescribed there is no help hope or understanding. Only outright dismissal and being cut off.

Yes the other Dr cancelled my appt. It was one I found on the Int that said he dealt with addiction. Ha!!!!

Today is starting ugly. I have a job today for a, um, how shall I say, very very, you never wanna cross, hardcore individual who I know for a fact provides the greater **********(major city where I live on the outskirts of) with their rock, bliw, and H.

And I'm hurtin bad. Gonna be a trying day
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And please, before anyone tells me not to do the job 1, its too late to back out on this guy. 2, I need money to pay for sons karate testing.
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What is "the job?"
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Oh, no. Its a legit job. Rewiring one of his houses. I have a lot of skills. I can do cable, phone internet networks satelitte alarm systems cctv camera systems. That's y I don't wanna ruin my professional life. I worked HARD to get where I am
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