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not too bad

ive been struggling with opiate addiction and harder stuff for years. Ive tried different depression/ anexiety medications also. My mom used to give me vicodin for cramps as a teenager then I became addicted. Keeping my mind busy is the best way too pass the time but anexiety *****. I just wanted to tell people who are struggling with opiate addiction its hard but b12 and someone to talk to helps. My question, is there a depression medication that works best for this type of thing?
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Are you are that the narcotics are heightening the depression? You need to make a decision to get off of the narcotics and talk with your doctor about depression meds. No matter what the med is it probably isn't working for you because of the pain pills.
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Welcome to the forum!
Can you clarify, please?  Are you saying you are already off all opiates...and are struggling with depression?
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