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numbness in lips

what it is, my lips on my face keep going numb on the top and bottom.
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Can you be more specific...........like whats going on with you?  what's your story.

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That poses a question I have had for a while.  Does the drug store itself in your fat tissue?  The reason I ask is that over the years when I was taking I would have slight numbness in face and lips.  It seemed to generally happen when I hadn't eaten for quite a while.  That also happened to me one time the day after having out patient surgery.  At that time I was not on any drugs but I had recieved a general anesthetic.  Again, a very empty stomache.  
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When I use a large amount of hydrocodone, my face ,specially my nose and eyes, itches tremendously.  I also turn red and my lips swell.  Does this happen to anyone else?
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