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on norco for pain management ran out and used heroin

I've been on Norco 10/325 for pain management for the last 2 years. About 3 weeks ago I started using heroin because my script ran out. I have a drug test(UA) on the 21st may. I got my script refilled and I have quit using heroin. How long will the heroin stay in my system? Will I have a clean UA?
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Hi & Welcome, I'm sorry but we don't answer drug test questions. this is a community of people who are trying to get off and stay off of drugs. Hopefully you want the same. Why did your script run out early?

Would love to see you stick around. there is great support here.
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I hate to say this but now when your script runs out the heroin is going to be there. And the heroin has a higher toxicity so it will take more of the pain meds to reach the same high. My heroin use all began with pain pills. And my last day of heroin use was Feb 14. I went thru 60 norcos between sat and sunday and by monday morning I was in full withdrawal.
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Wow. I woudn't go that far seriously Herion.....even tho it's opiates I hope you stop and just fight through it, also its not easy but we gotta pay the cost or whatever we put ourselves into this **** hole and only us gottta pull us out.
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It's an easy jump and I would suspect that there really isn't a high percentage of heroin users who woke up one day and said, I think I will quit my life, buy this highly addictive substance, and shoot it into my veins.  I hate when people call weed a gateway drug.  Who with Real addiction problems didn't start with alcohol, pain pills, or a benzo script - there's your gateways my friends. God bless you. Take your pain meds as prescribed, stay away from the heroin like the devil himself, and think about a way out of this hole. I wish you all the best!
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Not all heroin users shoot up. I didnt. And never would.
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Of course momma is right - probably a poor choice of words on my part and the weed comment was fairly pointless too.  I only meant that we should not judge jc too harshly for making the jump. Momma did the same thing and many people do. Addiction is a progressive disease. None of us start out with the intention of getting where we end up being.  Hope you join us soon jc and decide to jump off this evil roller coaster before you crash.
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Mama not momma - sorry.
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Nice reply. I'm fairly new to the community so when I read jc2014 post I thought this guy probably only wants tips on how to beat a drug test. Hopefully that is not the case but thumbs up to your reply. BD
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Sorry I thought I was sending a personal post. Didn't mean for it to be to everyone.
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If you would've told me 6 years ago one day I'd be a recovering heroin addict I would've laughed in your face.  Addiction doesn't discriminate and we look for the next easiest fix. Its a vicious cycle. And its sad. No hard feelings. I just hated when I went to meetings people automatically assumed I was a intravenous user. Just like not all meth users smoke it.  A lot snort it, eat it, inject it.
I wish you all the very best:)
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