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on the road off hydrocodone

Hello all and first and foremost THANK YOU ALL! This message board has really been an inspiration. I am on day 4 cold turkey off 10/325 any where from 8 to 14 a day along with fentanyl 25 some days 50 others and when things ran short I could find time release morphine or oxys. Long story short isn't it funny how like minded people always seem to find each other. I have been doing this now 4 LONG years. Although the first 6 months or so I was close to the prescribed amount. Then I went from 7.5 to 10 and that was the beginning of where I sit today. In the last 4 days I have slept a total of maybe 6 hours the RLS for me is the worst. I took sleep mere on day 2 but still the RLS kept me up and I walked around like even more of a zombie. Today I feel somewhat okay but we will see what the night brings. I am scared and hope to get some sleep. All of the encourageing posts have been a life saver at all hours of the day and night. Thanks again and I will keep all posted.
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Dude, go for the Imodium!! (It'll be your best friend..seriously) It's unhealthy to allow yourself to have the runs like that & you won't be able so absorb the nutrients you need to heal. So, use the Imodium as a stop-gap measure. (as per instructions & as needed!) :) Sorry to hear you're experiencing this but it happens to the best of 'em. (I certainly had extended digestive issues). Have you tried any sort of Magnesium or the powdered supplement (Cal/Mag/Zinc) that I mentioned above? It helps to ease it some. Also, some people swear by Tonic water though I've never tried it.

Hang in there! It won't be long 'til you'll be turning the corner on the worst of those symptoms now. You were on an interesting drug 'salad' so it's bound to be a little rougher than what some might experience off a milder or single-opiate habit. :) You're a warrior!
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Congrats! YOU are on your way to freedom..Just take it day by day and eat Healthy, drink lots of water and take some good natural vit/min..This all will help you in the long run. Be Safe and hit some of those meetings so you can learn new Coping Skills toward Life. I wish you the best that Life can give. Praying for many Blessing along the way.
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Hey there Mattcando & Welcome :)

I haven't had the benefit of seeing your original threads but you pretty much laid it all out here (Thanks!) I just want to offer you a BIG Hi-Five on Day 4 & on your Good Attitude! (So important). I hear you on both the sleep & the RLS! The RLS should start to ease in the next 2 - 5 days. The sleep might take a little longer but I promise it will return. (Welcome to the Zombie crew, my friend :))

Others might have suggested the following but try to keep moving (exercise will help), stay well-hydrated (Plain Water), try to get out in the sun (so important for mood), eat as healthy an unprocessed a diet as possible. Also,  music that you love, funny movies, laughter, hot salt baths, massage, relexology & sex (if you can stand it) all help to either relax you or fire those sluggish endorphins & balance out all the adrenaline running through you right now. You might try Cal/Mag/Zinc powdered supplement for the RLS & charley horses.

Hang Tough, my friend. You're doing it!! :)
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We gotta' stop meeting this way :))
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LMAO..At least we are on the same page about what WE all need to be doing..Hahaha OR what we have learned so far in a more logical scientific way..lol  
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As said before but not enough thank you for the great advise and outlook. Without them I don't think I could have made it this far and beyond! I am spool tired of "taking" things that I am hoping water and as much white rice as I can stomach will get me through. I will be seeking treatment or a support group because I know I have life experiance issues that don't help my addictive personality. If anyone is suffering from sleeplessness like myself, might I recommend getting the lord of the rings and hobbit movies. The beauty of the back drop and the story helped pass the hours. Just a suggestion
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Aaaah -- the Trilogy!! Great idea -- I watched those while I was kicking. (Along w/ just about every movie from my collection, the library & YouTube:))

Are you having sever 'gut' issues? Have you been using Imodium is so?
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sorry -- last two words: "if so?"
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Only slight cramping but wicked bad liquid bowel movements. I wasn't prepared for that to the degree it happened so yesterday I think I had a dehydration headache and awful chapped lips. I reacted proactive so the damage was done and tough to overcome. But super hydrating today and plenty of chapstick. Still cant stop "bounceing,shakeing, kicking, etc" my legs and that's what is sooo hard to tolerate for me. No imodium as of yet.
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Chapstick is a must in detox!  We should really add it to the Thomas Recipe.
You've been given some great advice so I just want to add a few things that were part of my detox survival kit.

Lavender water- I bought this at the health food store and sprayed all my linens with it.  It is amazing and soothing and made me feel like I was in more of a spa situation than a detox hell (:
I tried EVERYTHING for the RLS.  I think it ended up being a combo of rubbing Tiger Balm (health food or asian store) on my legs and putting a heating pad on top, Hylands Leg Cramps (homeopathic but I got them at the drug store) and BANANAS.  I swear to God, bananas are some kinda miracle during detox.  If I was walking around the house like a zombie and I ate one I managed to rest...Not really sleep, but doze in and out for a couple of hours.  They are also binding and help with those awful liquid BM's of which you speak.
After I got clean I headed up a support group for awhile for women that were recovering addicts and abuse survivors.  Because I am an acting teacher, writer, and director, I got the women to write their stories into monologues which I then wrote into a play.  We performed them for our community.  One of the women had been in and out of rehab facilities for years for heroin before she finally got clean.  Her monologue was about one of these rehabs that only allowed it's patients ONE BANANA A DAY!  Having kicked many times she was aware of what a huge help bananas were and so she fought this rule.  She even called her doctor and tried to get him to write a script for bananas!  He couldn't, of course, so she organized a 'jail break' where she got all the rehab patients together to break into the kitchen at night and steal as many bananas as they could fit in their pockets. bras. etc.  IT WAS HILARIOUS!  Only those of us that have been through the special hell of detox can understand the importance of being able to have as many bananas as you want.
The audience was rolling around on the floor laughing as she did her monologue- even those that didn't understand the banana importance.
Anyways, I'm chuckling out loud even remembering the story now.
Hope it makes you smile (:

The best weapon in surviving detox- HELL- the best weapon in surviving life is a sense of humour.  If you can keep yours intact then you are going to do JUST fine.

I never took Immodium during detox.  I had the luxury of no job and no responsibility so I didn't have to function for at least 2-3 weeks.  I wanted the poison out of my body as quick as possible so I went immodium free.
Make sure you drink about 20 times more water than you think necessary.
Vitamin Water is better than Gatorade to replace electrolytes- but you can only drink two a day as they are high in Niacin.

Also- in terms of vitamins and supplements.  You need to start rebuilding your body and brain.  I had a really hard time swallowing pills so here is what I did.
Vitamin C ascorbate.  You can get it in powdered form and add to your water or juice.
Omega 3 fish oil- I opened the capsules and added them to a smoothie with frozen berries (blueberries are best because they are high in anti-oxidants) plain natural pro-biotic yoghurt, and of course A BANANA.  Also protein powder- the HEMP protein is the best.
Vitamin B12- Injections.  You can buy the B12 at the health food store and the syringes at the pharmacy.  It's easier if someone can give you the shot- in your bum- but I've done it myself too.
These are the best vitamins that you desperately need.  If you do those combined with some good old natural Vitamin D you will feel better faster.  The lethargy and mood swings will be balanced out and you can get back to living a wonderful, clean life with all kinds of joy just around the corner.

Awesome work on 4 days.  Keep moving forward-
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Might be a good reason to get out of the house if I go out for something to help with that aspect. Thanks for chatting me up:) I have to say terms like "zombie crew" and.      " drug salad" really reasonate and make me realize what I was doing to myself all of those years. What was I thinking and now I am paying for it. I just hope I'm smart enough that I can 10 years from now say "lesson learned"
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Thank you Lu! I started tearing up that a total stranger would take the time to send out such a helpful post then I got to " banana jail break" and smiled. Thank you and I will get bananas! In the literal sense! Also you should coin the phrase banana jail break.
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I don't know if you have one, but an electric blanket and lots and lots of magnesium were my only relief from RLS when I detoxed off methadone. I literally wrapped my body from the waist down in the blanket and sat on it. Lol. I know...strange, but it worked for me because I had some brutal RLS. I stopped methadone on New Year's Eve of 2012 and still have the RLS every once in awhile but now I can just take a couple magnesium and it calms it right down. Just a thought anyway....

Also, congrats on your clean time! That's amazing :)  Before long it'll just be a memory, and a reminder of why you never want to go down that path again. Good luck to you :)
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I just copied and pasted every word you just posted and emailed it to myself to read and reread once I hit my taper's end.
Wonderful post - thank you. :)
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Thank you sweet and a huge congrats and electronic hug on your nearing 2 years! Wow! The electric blanket is something I can do as I happen to have 1. I will post results in hopes that others may get releif from it as its the first ive heard that. Might be an issue for people in warmer climates,but that's not me.
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Awe.  Awesome!

Please check out the post I just did.  The Yoga Nidra is a powerful tool that I think will help us ALL right now.  It sure helped me.

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We may be total strangers- but here on MH we are family.  This is the beauty of this forum.  I am glad you found us.
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Hi all. This is all so helpful. I posted a question the other day about getting off hydro and appreciated the input. Reading this thread reminds me (at this very important juncture) of what "worse" could be.  I am trying to stop because I am not taking the hydro 10/325 for pain anymore. I just want to take them to "feel" ...something...better I guess. Truth is, I don't feel all that great taking them anyway. I guess that is the brain playing addict games with me. I was taking 4-5 day up until this week. The doc who prescribed has disappeared. I guess a blessing in disquise. I was getting worried about taking increased amounts and not knowing the number for sure at the end of the day. I was down to 9 pills at start of week. Have now found some 5 mg. But, trying to not take them. Have taken 1 1/2 or 2 for past 4 days.
My question is about RL. Is that what is happening when I wake up thrashing about and kicking? ugh. I bet that is what you are all talking about with restless legs! So, I am doing the Epsom salt baths and bought some liquid vit b12 and D. I couldn't find L-tyrosine at drug store.
I am just really down/depressed and no energy. I know the pill won't do anything for that---but that is the feeling that lures me back to it.
I am rambling. Sorry. Just so happy to have people to "talk" to who get it as I haven't told anyone any of this. I am keeping up appearances of functioning fine in my life. Just miserable. Thank you all. and GREAT WORK matt!
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BC I am by no means an expert so please take what I say with that in mind. This is my experiance on day 4 of a cold turkey detox. RLS for me is an overwhelming sensation in my legs that the only thing that helps is to jerk or kick or walk and for me its I have to stand up and walk around. Its so constant that I cant sleep cuz when I lay down it is unbareable and I have to sit up and shake my legs or walk around. So that is why walking zombie crew is so fitting. More so when I took a sleep aid on day 2 now I was walking around and even more groggy bumping in to things and such. I have spent lots of time on here over the last 4 days and EVERYONE is so great and helpful and warm and upbeat and the list goes on and on. This was the first time I felt good enough to post but it has been a blessing. Idk if I am simply emotional from the detox but LuLu welcoming me to the MH family broke me down. Thank you. If I can help in anyway BC I will be here. I hope to get some sleep tonight but we will see. The good news is that from what I have read you are on a somewhat low dose so your experiance might not be as severe. But big ups to you for choosing to stop. Its possible and you are the person for the job! You can do it!!!
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Hey so the post I mentioned just got moved to
Addiction-Social.  Check it out.  I think you'll find it very helpful.
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Thank you mattcando...it's hard to believe..two years. I'm excited about it :) You'll get there too. Just keep doing what you're doing, and you'll be thru the physical soon. Hope the electric blanket works for you :)
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You deserve all the accolade and be proud. Hard to see the light right now but I know its there and I'm determined. I am rocking the electric blanket as I type so time will tell. Idk what will happen if I don't get some sleep tonight. But whatever comes tomorrow is another day. And day 5 for me. The sad thing is that I had naively taken a leave of absence from work for the yesterday and today thinking I could be good in 4 days and took my last hydro on Friday. So back to work tomorrow is a very scary proposition. Not only for the fact that I feel out of sorts from lack of sleep but I have not been at the job off something in 4 years. Damn that is sad when type it out:(
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Hey Matt. Good job on day 5! Time passes even though it doesn't feel like it. A lot of peeps say when they've detoxed that work has been a  blessing. You will be distracted so that's something:)

You will look back at this time and the memory will start to fade, believe it or not. It's really just a blip of time. Guess what? You are probably thru the worst of it, maybe thru tomorrow, and it should get a little better.

If you have a lunch hour, take a small walk outside. Exercise increases the endorphins. I know it's cliche but it helps me: This too shall pass!

You can do it!
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Thanks so much for the words of encouragement jifmoc! As I watch the clock pass the hours and the time is increasingly nearing that at witch I will need to be getting ready Idk how in the world this is going to work. Looks like day 4 ends like day 1. No sleep:( should be boat loads of fun. Never the less,yes indeed its day 5 and perhaps sleep on night 5?
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