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one minute at a time..day 2

Day 2..i think that says it all.I need a miracle..thought about going to church this mornng..i figured if i met God 1/2 way then maybe He would help me out. I couldnt make it. i hope He sees me anyway.going to try to make it out for some melatonin today sometime. how oh how did i get to this point. I keep telling myself this is temporary. Hubby is sick too so this is really a fun place to be this morning. Im trying to
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oops..hit enter accidently...Im trying to keep positive for him too.Prayers and good words appreciated...
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Don't give up! You can do this! Stay hydrated, keep drinking and then drink some more! I think the Melatonin will really help! I just started taking it and it does help with anxiety! Best wishes! Post for support!
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Keep going, Fight the physical right now and push thru as best you can. Tomorrow is a new day and a day closer to feeling normal. Hot baths, sleepy time teas, will help. Try to keep busy with movies, tv etc. You can do this....routing for you!!!
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You will get through the worst and be on the other side before you know it. Keep the water flowing and try to make some easy healthy snacks for yourself like carrot sticks and apple slices, cheese and crackers. This won't last forever! And good job getting to day 2! youre doing great already!
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Day 2 is rough. But everything you're feeling is normal. For me every minute felt like an hour. Time goes sooooooo slow.
Stay stron and keep posting. Good luck
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Yes - one minute at a time, but they do add up. You started this thread 3 hours ago! That's 3 closer to day 3. Great progress
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yes, what they said!  If you had the flu you would do much the same..stay hydrated and wait it out!  Nothing you can do but give it time!!!  Great progress and know we are pulling for you!
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You have begun the journey that will make your life right again

As hard as things are I've been there and going to be there soon..,, the life we left behind ruined everything great about us,... It controlled our every waking moment..... At this exact moment you hold the keys,your driving, your the one making yourself whole again... Detox this crap out... And let it out... It's all the crap that's stored up!
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Don't give up L!!!  You can do this and remember you're not alone.  Hang in there.  I haven't heard from you in a couple days... please message me and let me know you're ok.  And God is with you even though you couldn't make it to church Sunday.  Just pray and talk to him because he is always listening to you!  You've come this far, keep trudging.  I wish I could make it to day 2 or even 24 hours.  You're an inspiration.  HUGS!
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