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one whole year baby!!!

I know I haven't been around in quite some time, but I am LIVING my life on life's terms.  I love myself for the first time in a very long time!  I got my medallion and my sponsor shared with me.  I love u guys. To all the new comers, you can do this!  
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So great to see you!  CONGRATS on your year.  That is so very awesome and you must be proud of yourself!  Wonderful post girl...keep moving forward!
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Congragulations on your 1 year achievement. Wonderful to hear this.Enjoy it....you've earned it!
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Thanks for posting & reminding us we can do it 1 day at a time.
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Hey Brandy good to see you great to see you clean  A big congrats on a year clean im so happy for you and thanks for dropping by it is also great that you mentioned your working a progam N/a rocks and better then that it works if you work it......Gnarly
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I am so proud of you!!!  You worked hard for this. Congrats on 1 yr clean and always remember to keep you the No1 priority, your life depends on it~
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Congratulations on 1 year clean Brandi !!!
This is wonderful to hear : )
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I am SO Glad that YOU checked in. Very Good and we are so proud of your clean time. Be Safe and Be Happy!

PS..There are Tons of us that just wave in & out these days..I guess we are just living out our new Life..lol
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Yay for you! Loved that you mentioned your program too!!!:)
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Way to go!!!!  Recovery looks GREAT on you..
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Thanks so much everyone!!!  I truly am blessed. There are times when I get the urge, but now I reach out and talk to someone. Life is worth living again.
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Hi Brandi!  I've only been here 2-1/2 months so haven't had the pleasure of meeting you.  Congratulations on your clean time and your sobriety.  I'm so glad you dropped by...every success that is reported here gives us "newbies" hope that we can and will succeed!
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All of these comments give me strength, and encouragement.  Thank you so much!
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There she is!!!  So sorry I missed this post by being out of town.....I have been thinking about you.  In fact, every time I hear "your song", I think about you...LOL

So ONE YEAR and TWO WEEKS now, eh?  I love it that you are loving yourself and your life these days....and how cool that you and your sponsor shared your one year bday!!!!

Keep ROARIN sweet thang~

Much love,

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Way to go girl!  Grats!  
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Hey chickie, big grats girl! .....and life moves forward, right?  Keep kickin @ss girl, you did it!  hugs xo
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