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opiate relapse

So im having some trouble. I WAS almost two weeks clean (with the help of a detox clinic) and I relapsed and took some Percocet (much less than my previous habit) and yesterday I had my first Fentanyl in a really long time.  My using binge only lased about three days. Today is my first day with no opiates and Im just wondering am I going to have to go through everything (withdrawals and whatnot) again? Anyone ever expirienced relapse w/ fentanyl or a heavy pill problem and bounced back, or am I screwed?
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It depends on how much you took..also it's only been 2 weeks since you have detoxed.(and I know 2 weeks is a great accomplishment) .were you off them completely? You may experience some w/ds but hopefully they won't be as bad. I have not had any experience with fentanyl but others have and could better tell you..Keep posting and fighting this addiction..You can keep right on going as you were..Don't throw in the towel because of it.
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thanks. I was completely off of everything before I gave in and had a little.  I just feel so guilty and the thing is no one knows, which makes me feel even worse because people like my mom keep telling me how good im doing.  Im also having a lot of trouble stopping again.  I didnt think it was this hard, but as soon as I had a taste of it I can't think of anything else.  Im so scared that its gonna start all over again.  It is also eating away at me.  I guess I just need to be strong and grit my teeth, I've done it before. Easier said than done though.
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its more a mental set back then a physical. But hang in there were all stronger than this ****.
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If you were physically clean for almost 14 days, you probably wont have physical withdrawals.. Physical withdrawals can be alot worse if you are expecting them, does that make sense?

Keep it positive, and realize that this is a temporary setback... Happens to the best of us. The mental part, the guilt namely, will be the worst setback I presume.
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Thanks guys.  I'm starting to realize that it is more a mental thing and I'm being too hard on myself.  I can get through this, expecially with the support of you guys and this forum.  I really appreciate you guys posting.  Sometimes I just need to vent. It really helps to be able to AND have someone listen and give feedback.  Thanks again.
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whats up? i now how you fell i have been an addict for over 20 years percs and i had a bad snorting habit you can check my tracker!!! i tried so many time before i could honestly say i  can stay clean. just bite the bullet and start again dont be negative always, always stay possitive!!!! i want you to read in my journal someone sent it to me when i first join the forum it called FOR THOSE WHO STRUGGLE read it it makes good sence! just stay strong and stay on the forum everyone is here to help feel free to post me! i know all about those opiates!!!!!!!IM HERE IF YOU NEED TO TALK.  sherri    ps venting is sooooo good!!!!!!dont be so hard on yourself.
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I am sure that two weeks you were not totally detoxed and using for a few days I imagine a duragesic patch for three day and percocet will probably have you feeling a bit lil bit withdrawal boost but not much and I think it will be so little that it will be mind over matter and you can psyc yourself up and just get back on track. Congrats on those two weeks and again congrats on day one of a good choice to get clean again.... Hang in there, Mike
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Don't be hard on yourself.  Most of us DO relapse before being able to quit completely.  This disease is SO HARD to conquer.  You can do it though.  
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U r never screwed until u give up....i am sorry u relapsed...slipped...whatever...pick urself back up and keep moving forward...there is nothing back there that u want anymore...dont look back....get back on track
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Don't be ashamed of yourself.  Learn from this experience and move on as others have said.  Try to think of what happened that led to the relapse.  If you can identify something or things, you can recognize them next time and tell someone or do something before you use again.  Keep it up you are doing great
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I was just wondering if in your opinion was the relapse worth it?
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No, in no way do I feel it was worth it.  When I was clean it just felt so good.  I mean, don't get me wrong I felt kinda crappy and had cravings, but once the withdrawals were over I just had this sense of being proud of myself.  It was so new to me, I mean after being ashamed of myself and my actions for over two years it felt so great to finally feel good about what I was doing.  I'm quitting again now and, even though I know it will get tuff, the pain of detox is what is worth it.  Thanks so much guys for the support and words of advice.  I know it would be so much worse if I didn't have this forum and all you who post.  Sometimes there is just no one who understands, as much as people try to, they arn't addicts so they really can't relate the way you guys can. thanks again.
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