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opiate withdraw using natural drugs

Are there any natural medications that I can buy from CVS that will help with withdraw symptoms form opiates including oxycontin? I went to my doctor and he said it was not his field and refered me to a rehab center. I cannot go to a facility, I will lose my job!! I have to so this cold turkey, any advice would be helpful. I took 160 mg of oxycontin on Sunday and nothing since. I am done!! I am almost  through my second day. any help??
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yep - hydration is important. You have other good advice...I will add that benadryl is otc and is good for sleep...take a hot shower before bed...hylands restful legs is available at WalMart and works  Do look at the Thomas Recipe and the Amino Acid Protocols.... they are good and they work....
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Multi vitamins, Lots of liquids (no caffiene), Melatonin for sleep issues. I used Calm Eaze (I think it was called) and I bought it from CVS. I believe I found it in the sleep aids section. Congrats on day 2! You can do this!!!!!!

Keep posting.
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I'm not a specialist in oxy but check the thomas recipe at the bottom right of this page. that might get you started.
You're at the right place, you gonna get a lotta help here.
keep posting. keep us informed.
congrats on day 2 !
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