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oxycotin, oxycodone, lortab or norco

I went to see my pain management doctor today and he dropped me as a patient because i had two positive test for hydromorphone..I havent seen my doc. for a month but it was his nurse practitioner that raised flags. I was overwhelmed because i new i had only taken what was prescribed to me by him. i had one test before these last two and it was fine. i started taking oxycotin and percocet with my norco (vicodin) and all the sudden im positive for hydromorphone. im at a loss and dont know where to turn from here because i know i didnt take anything but the pills he prescribe.
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Damn that *****.  Maybe ask for a re-test and write a letter to him as to why you need his support for your ongoing recovery and wellbeing?  I thought doctors were supposed to help us through this stuff, not abandon us. Damn, sorry.
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Look at thier decision as a blessing. This site is a great place for support in going thru the withdrawal. NOT for support is finding ways to continue using. The decision is yours I hope you choose soberiety it's so much better than the chasing of the pills and the disrespect you experience from those that enable you.
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I agree with Clamity, I think this is a blessing, this not a site to locate them as it is to help you get over your addiction. Listen to everyone on here, I am at 23 hours clean, and honestly wouldn't have stood a chance with the help on here. 23 hours is nothing, but with the support on here I want to go on and live a clean life.
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I agree it was a blessing,and you were lucky.take it as a sign,wake up call,etc.now you gotta get better.I had a week but messed up today,starting again in the a.m.
                                                        good luck!
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i disagree with you all, to be dropped by your Dr. and forced into c/t withdraws from all those drugs is cruel and dangerous!!! You need help, call the Dr. use an attorney if you must, he needs to help you taper off if he feels you are abusing or reassign your normal med if you are not. BTW never heard of this test, what is it why will they do it etc etc

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You cannot force a physician to treat you. And think about it. Do you really want a person that doesnt want to be in charge of your body? Maybe you arent ready to quit yet - but it may be time. The test indicates a positive response to a non-prescribed medication. I do not know enough about the test nor the pharmocolgy of mixing the different narcotics to help you there........................Leave the atorney out of his if you are smart..............
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I think Dr. should be held accountable as well as patient. If ang72 was put on a mix of oxycodone, oxycontin, norco and lortab something must be seriously wrong with her. I believe that patient and Dr are both responsible, therefore if Ang72 abused the meds and tested positive for something she shouldn't have she needs help, not to be dropped cold turkey. If she hasn't (false positive, etc) than she should be a part of the decision when and how much to take. Dropping her the DR covered his tush legally but not morally. She still suffers from whatever it is, that made him give her all of theses to begin with and if she became an abuser he is partly responsible.
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I would be curious as to whether the Doctor prescribed that mix of medication.... I dont know any responsible physicians that would prescribe that cocktail.......and where the hydromorphone came from that was detected twice in drug screens....otherwise we may agree to disagree.................................eagle
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hydromorphone's trade name is palladone or dillaudid. It would not show up as percs, oxy, or lortab....so...... If it showed up on a test TWICE........I dunno....I'm trying to give you the benefit of the doubt but if they have it on record...you are SOL.  Can you offer any other information??
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