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aay there everyone
im 46 and have abused painkiller's along with alcohol ,pain killers have been in my life for 7-8 yrs,october of 2008 i gave them up and been thru kaiser 21day treatment and i've been on suboxen but i have been dealing with lots of pain, mentally&physically i dont now how to deal with it ive thoght of shortening my life but to chichen to do it just lot of talk.But for realsit hurts bad and i hope some one maybe able to help,i dont now how little help will bring a guy a long way.sleep less in cali hhhheeeeeeeelllllllllllllllppppppppppppppp.
                                             thnx oxyoverload
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Are you still taking the Suboxone? Have you got injuries or joint pain? I just read on RDD site that suboxone is 3X stronger than morphine. How much Suboxone do they have you on?
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i am trying to figure out site thanx for feed back
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RDD? Rapid drug detox? is that what your hunting? it is located in or near detroit.
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