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pain for loved ones

I am detoxing from hydros. My boyfriend is not a user and never has been. I am mean and moody,sick and tired. Hes trying to help but he just doesnt understand. How do I make him understand Im in hell and I dont mean the things I say and do?
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Ahh Honey, Try to stay calm. Let him come here and do some reading.
Good for you for getting off the hydro. Keep up
the fight.

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Thanks for your help. Im so glad I found this.
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I will give you a hand. Need to know how much and how long you were taking them.
How many days have you been without?

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Its been 9 days on day 7 i took a 7.5 and felt better for about an hour havent had any since
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You should be rounding the bend any day now. It will get better.
I took me about 2 weeks to really feel better.

You have to take care of yourself eat, vits, walks, stay calm. It will pass.
You are almost there!


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Thanks it feels neverending!
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Congrats on day 9.....It is so hard for them to understand what we go through, and we don't mean it....I actually detoxed while my hubby was at work...but at the end of my using, i was still mean, and moody....he never understood....I think beatingthis is right, have him read some of the post here and maybe that will help...When you start getting in the double digits things will get better....Good luck..
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