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pain meds

Hi everyone im trying to kick the habit of pain pills 2 days without real sick i know if i had some i would because of being so sick well the bott line is i cant get anymore so i mine as well end this addiction for good. it doesnt work out when you need some you get some to much work i have to stay off. it would be a week to get anymore by then i will b feeling better. I got off of methadone this past april just to turnaround to get sick again. i should have never relapse John
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Hi John....you know the drill by now...so just keep busy and post when you need some support...you've done it before and you can do it again...you need to cut your sources out completely!...so you can't go back.  Good luck!!  
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I know i have to get over wds there real bad my x gave me xanax dosent do any good every thing hurts cant sleep shakey all sorces i have none the prob is when you run out of your script thats it no one always has any so its a vicous cycle if i had 1 i prob would take it not to b sick but thats not gonna do me any good i was up to 8 to 10 norcos a day 10/325 i might b wd off the methadone because when i was done last april i started using pills but i dont know thats a long time 2 have methadone n my system, thanks John
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Hi John, glad u posted!  Since you have done this before, you know to stay hydrated and busy.  Toothfairie is 100% correct...CUT YOUR SOURCES Please keep posting, we are here to help!
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i know its the second day it should get easier  every day i feel i have the big time flu thanks John
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just know you aren't alone.  

i've been on various pills most of my adult life.  my latest issue has been tramadol.  before that vicodin.  i'm kicking tramadol for the 2nd time now.  i'm on day 3.  trams don't have as much of an opiate sickness as the stronger pills but they have an antidepressant quality which can screw with your mind more than the others.

this HAS to be it for me too.  i'm done. i can't believe i relapsed either.  i know why i did, stress, but i can't do it again.  
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It's good to know that it does get easier, but i'm sure it doesn't take away the fact that it s***s right now.  Keep posting John, there are so many awesome people on here to offer such optimism, strength and support.  Good luck to you, kind thoughts going out to you.
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Hey John!

Like others have said, you know the drill.

You need to start making major changes, because you've kept yourself stuck on the merry go round.  You really never got clean after the Methadone, if I remember right?  Didn't you just switch to a different opiate?  I know there was codeine involved at one point?

You need to CUT your sources and start getting serious about aftercare, or you will keep doing this.  Getting random meds, especially something like Xanax from your ex isn't the answer either.  You know by now that you cannot medicate away w/ds.  

Also, when you're having a rough time, post here, for support!  Don't quiot posting!  You post during your w/ds, then we don't hear from you again until you're back again facing w/ds.

Something has to change my friend!  Stop the madness!

Pulling for you!
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John, you gotta get it together here.  You are the one causing all this insanity in your life.  You are also the one who can stop this.  Getting clean is much deeper than stopping the pills.  The pills are only a symptom of what is really going on.  You are in the drivers seat so what are you going to do?  You can either go forward or continue in reverse.......
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Hey great job taking that first step!  We all have quit, tried to quit many times; you WILL do it again!  As everyone has said, cut sources. You mentioned  not being able to get any for a week. That is a very common addict brain talking. I still have October 8th in my head. That's when my Roxicodone could have been filled. When my husband shredded I mourned the loss and heck probably still do!  Also, please be careful with the Xanax and don't mix with alcohol. I know you are physically sick right now but if you can get to a meeting it would really help. Please know it really does get better; I am only at 59 days but I am much better. Keep posting; us addicts understand, truly care and just want you to be happy
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John....I'm glad you are back.....even if it's cause you can't get pills for a week.....maybe these next 7 days will give you some clarity.....maybe you'll become willing to tell your doctor you are an addict....cut off the sources/friends you have that still use and have pills in their possession...and maybe you'll even become willing to get yourself back to meetings.

It's called insanity because it NEVER stops, John.  Read my status....and think about persevering ok?.... Nobody likes change except a baby with a wet diaper.....you CAN do it....the power of choice is powerful~
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John, just wanted to say 'ditto!' You can do it. You can't keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results. Get some support and keep moving forward...rooting for you!
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i know its rough for all of us of course the second day is bad its that stupit feeling of feeling norm after your in wds im sure you all know that good feeling its not a high its the feeling of not being sick as i know you all been there as a lot of you know i got off the methadone whitch was a good thing forsure now i have to stay off the opiates and wait for it to get better usally 1 wk on norcos so my plans are to give up the opiates have won forsure thank you John
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Ok John. You still haven't addressed or mentioned any major changes you'll be making (ie aftercare, cut sources, etc). Everyone walks their own path hopefully you'll be ready soon. Best of luck.
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I agree with brightfuture, you haven't mentioned what you're REALLY going to do different this time.  I'm sure you realize by now that GETTING clean and staying clean are two different battles.

Let me ask you, were you ever FULLY clean since the Methadone?  I know you were struggling with the codeine after you got off the Methadone.  Has there been any amount of time since you got off the Methadone where you've been 100% opiate free?  If so, for how long?

Time to get tough John, time to get serious about this.  You know we're all here for you!
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no i havent been clean after the methadone maybe im haveing methadone wds since last apr maybe not dont know ya i had enough anyways when you run out its to dam hard to find and to much money u can only go to the doc once a month then u have to search for it not a easy addiction i dont do herion never did never will so its time to end this madness thanks John
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Thanks for the clarification John.  I had a feeling that you were never really clean after the Methadone, you just replaced one opiate with another.  The Methadone is long out of the picture, your w/ds now are from the Norcos.

You really need to make some BIG changes John.  You need to put roadblocks up, cut ALL of your sources, which would include doctors, pharmacies, dealers, whoever you're getting the pills from (where are you getting them from, what are your sources?)

Then, you need to confide in some trusted friends or family members and you need to rid yourself of people, places and things that don't keep you on the path of recovery...including your ex if she is helping you use.

Lastly, you need to formulate a solid aftercare plan that includes things like NA/AA, addiction counseling, something that you consistently take part in where you explore what led you to addiction, and where you learn how to identify triggers and how to cope living sober not turning to pills anymore.  Addiction requires ongoing work and effort, it's not like a class in school, where you take it, pass and are done with it.  Addicts are forever learning new things about themselves and their addictions, and the ones who always keep recovery as a top priority are most successful.

We want to see you succeed John, and I know you want that too.  If you continue on like you've been doing, you're just going to stay stuck in the cycle and stay on the merry go round.  You've always been overly focused on the detox/withdrawal process, which most addicts are, but you need to seek help for more than just that.  You've never really completed a detox process, because you started substituting other opiates.  

Also, just because you never used heroin doesn't mean that your addiction isn't as severe or dangerous as someone using heroin.  Plenty of people find themselves in awful situations as a result of being addicted to prescription pills.  Addiction is addiction.  The mindset is the same, even when the substance varies.

I really hope this time is different for you!
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hi again actully my x is mad because im useing it wasent a problem till i showed i was in wds so i have to clean up or get out i made bad choices i had several cars tradeing them now i have a harley and no car bad choice in ill. to ride in the snow, anyways my own fault now i have to walk payback sometimes is hell so they say thanks i will b working on my addiction John
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Are you quitting cuz of your X?
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Hi no because im tired of the searching for it had enough of the nightmare of running out, its no longer in my cards anymore to continue thanks John
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I am glad to see that response John!  
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John..I want to put my 2 cents in and maybe not everyone will agree. I am a long time user..I am telling you that it takes that much more work to live in your own skin again..And it is alot harder for us when we are older to bounce back. You have to just give it your ALL. It is not easy but it has its rewards.
Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I was mostly using for some emotional reason..This is the hard part of not self medicating ourselves. Give it TIME and YOU will see the brighter light. Get off that Merry-go-round. The circus has to shut down sooner then later.  YOU can do it..Just take it Day by Day and get the out side SUPPORT..You will feel a big weight lifted..
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hey there John just wanted to let you know you have my support.  I read through your thread and you have all these fine people here to support you!  a lot of us know you and that is why people are telling you its time to buckle down and get tough with yourself!  I have relapsed a lot and I am still working hard to stay clean.  It's a daily battle.  But you really have to work at it!!!  put your energy into it and attack this addiction John!  we care about you and we're on your side!  --meegan
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