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panic attacks

i recently got multivitims and am getting sever panic attacks can the vitinms cause this
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Panic attacks are often confused with heart attacks and is common for first time sufferers to seek inmediate medical attention, which is understandable and required in order to discount potential heart and circulatory issues.

When first diagnosed, the most usual course of treatment is a combination of psychological and pharmacological therapy (antidepresants and antianxiety meds such as , prozac, diazepam and Xanax). More than 50% of the population is severely depressed and suffer from different degrees of anxiety.

The long term use of pharmacological therapies overtax both liver and kidneys, also creating a permanent modifiation on brain chemistry and a fictious sense of balance that quicly comes to end once our bodies find a way to assimilate these compounds;, minimazing and neutralizing the intended effect.

I have also found through research that a certain percentage of panick attacks and anxiety disorders are first triggered by digestive and intestinal inflamation, which cause the vagus nerve to overload causing the heart to skip beats, feeding into the person's fear that something is wrong.  "The flight or fight" sensation takes over, as and inmediate fear of dying causes adrenaline to rush and blood circulation being directed to the most essential organs such as - the heart, lungs and the brain, therefore the hyperventilation, rapid hearbeat, temperature increase and dizziness.

Once a panick attack is experienced it is most common to suffer from a certain post-traumatic disorder that feeds into our fear of dying. Eventually this leads to depression and acute anxiety disorders and more recurrent panic attacks.

Before going into a lifetime of pharmacological therapy, i would recommend to take a good long look as to what the causes might be - Physical? digestive and intestinal inflammation (in most cases a direct cause of bacterial overgrowth on the large interstine, something easily treated with an intensive course of probiotics - i.e - SUSTANEX) and H. PYLORY (everybody over 30 should be tested for H.PYLORY as it is  the most common trigger of Acid reflux and digestive inflammation) , chemical imbalance, B12 deficiency, oxidation and uncontrolled proliferation of free radicals and most importatnly insuficient SLEEP (and i dont mean just getting a good amount of sleep hours, but DEEP sleep.. ) Enough research is available showing how americans sleep an average of 4-6 hours a night (30% reduction over the last 20 years).

Here are some general recommencations for all suferers --

1) incorporate Omega 3/6/9 into your diet (1000 mg capsules of fish oil a day) will do the trick. Among many other things, research shows that it has very definitive effect on
      a) Heart arrhythmia correction
      b) Mood improvement and increase of brain energy / It has a role on serotonin reuptake and regeneration of neurotransmitters. A good fix for seasonal depresssion with no side effects

2) PROBOTICS  (I.e - sustanex, widely available on any pharmacy). Benefiticial bacteria that populates the large intestine, repopulating intestinal flora (depletted by intake of antibiotics // present also on food (non-organic milk, chicken and beef) and regulating your inmune response. Also proven effective with H. PYLORI.

3) Dietary supplements such as -- RHODIOLA ROSEA (check up LEF;s formulas) very effective regulating body and mind's response to stress,  reestablishing healthy proccesses on your body and mind. (i.e - It was commonly used by russian soldiers during the afghan war to minimize the effect of stress on their mind and bodies). I would recommend taking the supplement for two months. RHODIOLA is what is called an ADAPTOGEN.
4) A weekly (not daily) intake of a multivitamin. Our bodies nutritional requirements are strict but not that excessive. A once a week intake will fill your required mineral and aminoacid quota if your current diet is deficient

4) CONTROLLING A PANIC ATTACK is about knowing that you are not going to die from it and that it will pass. If you are able to recognize when your anxiety level is escalating and when a panic attack will take place then you can control it. It is about , TAKING THREE MINUTES TO SLOW DOWN YOUR MIND and BODY, STOP MOVING, DEEP BREATH, AND SLOW YOUR MIND DOWN, kind of like RESETTING YOUR MIND.  Give yoursel a couple of minutes AND THEN START MOVING AND "THINKING" AGAIN, after a while I PROMISE THAT THEY WILL BECOME MORE MANAGEABLE  WILL EVENTUALLY DISSAPEAR OR BECOME VERY MINOR.

..and all that without antidepresants.. However i would also suggest to have handy a low quantity refill of XANAX for very acute episodes (i repeat, for VERY ACUTE episodes only). It will make you feel better knowing that you are covered every possible way.

Bless you all,
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