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percocet - stopped cold turkey after 1 wsek and WOW!!

Alright, after reading a lot of your posts I realize I am not in the shape a lot of you have been in and or ar in. But I am in dire need of advice, help, support, etc...
I took percocet/oxycodone w apap 10/325 for just a little over a week and then stopped (without weaning). I was taking 4-5 a day and it def helped the pain. Now, after stopping, i am feeling horrible.Uncontrollable crying, emotionally insecure, feeling desperate, sad, grief filled, etc.... Can anyone tell me why or if they agree this is from stoppong or help in any way -PLEASE!!!!
Thank YOU ALL and best of luck to each of you!!
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It's probably withdrawals but shouldn't be very severe if you stop now.
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Everyone is different, but one week is a very, very short time to result in withdrawal. Have you experienced any of the common physical symptoms associated with withdrawal? You didn't list any of those.  Either way, I'm really sorry you're having such a hard time and hope things improve.
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Sounds like they made you a little depressed. pain pills can do that. If it does not get better in a week I would talk to your dr.

Good Luck,
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Hi, I'm in and out of the hospital, and when I'm in, it's usually for 7 days.  I get the emotional stuff just from one week after using percocet or loritab.  It's best to taper if you can.  
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