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percocet for pain ok???

I have been having neck pain for the past few months...it gets worse daily...some days are better than others...i had a car accident about 4 years ago where my head was turned over my shoulder and BAM i slammed into the idiot in front of me who was going and stopped for no reason...anyway...after the accident i didnt have any pain...then 2 years later is when i started taking percs...at first for eye surgery...then u know...for pleasure...i only took 7.5 at most at a time and maybe 2x a day at most...some days i didnt even take them...quit a few times and then they were offered again and took more...the last 4 months before i stopped i was taking subutex...purely for pleasure...now i have been off everything since memorial day weekend...and now with this neck pain i wonder if i masked this before with the percs...i went for cervical spine xray today (neck)....we will see what the outcome is...but my main concern is...i have been taking OTC pain meds and they have not been working...i am kinda scared that the Dr. will give me percs or equivilent...will it be ok to take them just for the pain???
thanks for your help as always!
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I guess nobody here wants to tell you to take pills. I dont' know your story, but most of us here can't take anything or quickly we would be using just as much if not more. I'm sorry your in pain, but i do suggest you find another alternative than a narcotic as you said yourself you also used for pleasure, that is the scary part. Maybe ask your dr. what other alternative is available for you, before you take percs again, just a thought.

Congrats on all that clean time and i hope your pain goes away soon, hang in there:)
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I would tell your doctor not to prescribe a narcotic .I will tell you zanaflex its is a muscle relaxer really helps neck pain.
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thanks...im not sure what if anything he will prescribe...i was just wondering if he prescribed percs...i will ask about the zanaflex avisg...thanks...im just hoping the xray finds what is going on in there!  
have a good weekend all...
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