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pills suck!

I can't seem to get past day 3 of withdrawls ugh anyone have some advice?
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Hey Amber...  Day 3-5 is usually the worst for most people.  Just think to yourself that you are halfway to seeing some improvement.  What are you coming off?  Gatorade, small meals, soups.  Immodium was a huge help for me.  I doubled the dose(Not recommending just being honest) and it helped so much.  Advil and as soon as you can move around at all force yourself to. It really helps.  If you can give some more info there are really great people who can help you further.

Good luck, keep posting and DONT start over and take a pill!!!
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i know what you mean wanting to give up around day 3 and you know if you give it another day or so it wont be all that bad..  You wont be 100% but you definately wont be where you were..  So i would have to agree with northeast and say that get out and moving as soon as possible i know right now you are feeling really bad but the quicker you get up and moving the better you will start to feel.. Even if it is sonme small stretching at first that helps tons..   and i would get a heating blanket for at night when you legs are thrashing around.. I probably took 12 hot epson salt baths aday and hey there is no shame in that..  look the thomas recipe up and maybe that will help you out..  i took gabapentin at first for my w/d's and it did help with the overall restlessness and depression..  But hey hang in there  you will get better real soon even though you can't see it or feel it..


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If you can get to day 3 REALLY try to tell yourself that you can tough out 2 more days.  Days 2-3 were worse for me but I was really knocked out for 5 days.  At day 3 you've definitely gone into the woods......why not walk out the other side than retreating back to darkness?  

I am 32 days today and while I'm having a lot of pain I WILL NOT take a pill because I never want to endure the pain of withdrawal again.  I know it's rough but in the scheme of reclaiming your life what is 5 days?

I took lots of hot showers, every hour on the hour that was the only real relief from the creepy crawlies I got.  I took immodium, drank gatorade.  Although I did not want to eat and still struggling with food a bit I forced myself to eat a little something.  Bananas, peanut butter and chicken broth are your friend.

On Day 4 even though you will hate it get out and walk a little, even if to the mail box - get your body moving, blood pumping and force yourself.  Everyone says this and they are right.

It is up to you - you can continue on the path you are on withdrawing/restarting or you can choose to set your mind to it and get through it - I promise you in 30 days time you will have a new outlook.

I wish you the strength to get through it.  you CAN do it.
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I have had a life full of drug abuse for only being 23.....my birthday is this month and i really want to be clean when i turn 24.....I started using when i was 15...meth ugh i loved it but i got pregnant at 18 and had my son and got sober  other than the occasional drink or party drug  then i was introduced to pills at 20 and well its been love at first "snort" so to speak....i started in sept of 09 and used every day up to 15 pills a day ( hydro and  percs) then my dad sent me to this detox/rehab 3 day thing at the hospital where they put u on suboxone....well a week after i got out of the hospital i mved to new orleans to start over haha funny i had enough suboxone to last about a month and when i ran out it was the worst withdrawl that stuff is severe to come off of.... i started working on bourbon and lets just say not too hard to find some pills ......so then i movedt Ga at christmas time pregnant with my daughter and i was soberish.....i got a few pain pills from doc after giving birth in july 2010 and well it just snowballed so here i am almost 2 years in again to a 10 or more a day habbit and im so sick of it all!! I relapsed the day that i posted that message  so today is saturday im out of drugs and im starting this over again and just really want it to be the last time!!  i bought some aleive and immodium b/c all these sights say it helps and im really determined to make it this time so thank u guys for your helpful info....ive never tried using a online support thing so maybe this will make it better being accountable to everyone ugh i cant believe im here again so disappointed in myself....
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I don't have, so to say physical withdrawal mine r more mind ones.
I could nor seem to get past day three. Mentally.
But u know u can do it. This site has been my saviour.
Be strong.
Zoe x
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My heart goes out to you amber. You sound as though you really want to do this. It is never easy to just go c/t. It can be done though, there are enough people on this site who have gone c/t, as i have myself on a number of occasions. You need to put a plan in to place. Try to get your mind around what is going to happen to you. Do you have any support at home? Good luck and keep posting. Blue
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you can do this!!!!   on the first few days you really need to get up and out around positive people so your not just sitting there thinking about it.  its reallyhard to get a grip on it but once u do you will seethat its easier then you thought.  im also 23 with a 6 year old and i was doing about the same amount as you since 05 same pills and all and im only on day 5 but i feel just fine.  i had to go to work on my day 3 , 4,and tonight and as crappy as i felt it honestly took my mind off of it so do what u have to to get there u can do it!  believe it or not the hardest part is getting your mind frame ready and stong enough to quit and learning how to live a normal life after and staying like that.  dont give up try everymorning to quit!  pray all you can and you will get it.  dont be scared of the withdraws i had to stop reading the withdraw stories on here cause they had me so freaked out it made it harder on myself to do it but thats me.  it also helped that i had someone to talk about it with like a really close friend or a family member anybody really.  when you can vent about it and i did all day everyday its a little less now but it helped me.  i know how it is and i know how u feel so please dont give up.  you cant enjoy it now anyways cause u feel so guilty and want to quit.   if you just need someone to talk to inbox me it really does help to have somebody to understand what ur going through.  DONT GIVE UP!
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thank you guys so much for the encouraging words....no i dont really have a support system at home my family has no idea that i relapsed 2 years ago and they would just be more judgemental than helpful like when i went to that treatment thing at the hospital in 09 my dad seriously thought that would "fix me"....i dont want to let them down anymore so i kinda just wanna do it on my own and lean on you guys to vent.....please.....please.....ill post everyday and track my progress im really not giving in this time seriously
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