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please help me

my boyfriend is around heroin the smoking sort he tells me that he is not on it but everytime he leaves the room his eyes are shot to peices.
he never sleeps at night only during the day and he can never be bothered to do anything i need to know if this is symptoms of him doing heroin.

plese help me so i can help him
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The one thing a heroin addict cannot hide I know this for a fact because I was one for many years.......if someone is hammered on Heroin his pupils will be the size of pin dots.........even in darkness.....buts thats the dead give away and there is nothing you can do to hide it......the black of your eyes are like pin dots......very small..........

You cannot help him you can only support him once he has committed to help himself........sorry...
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Well, it's an incredibly lame excuse to say you're around it and that's why you're acting the way you are. If he's claiming he can't step out when whoever is doing it does it...he's lying. What you describe could be a symptoms of heroin use, but there's more telling signs. Besides his pin point pupils, if his personality seems changed (lethargic, slow) then he's on it, whether he's smoking himself or doing a Bill Clinton.
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Been down your road first hand!  Maybe not as a girl/woman, but as a guy with actually a couple if not a few girlfriends that have definitely been "the dope fiend..."  However, I've always for some reason I know not, feel Hey, I can help them or maybe they just need love?  Never the case hardly ever...  Just want you to know I read this post of yours, feel abhorrently cruddy about it and first and foremost towards you and anyone else it may effect?  I wish you the ultimate best buddy, take care of "yourself" and if you ever want to talk, I'm the person you can count on here...

Much Peace,
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