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please help

I have been on percocet on and off for over a year due to several surgeries. never took them for more than 2/3 days until June 2009 after knee replacement. I started to get of and started to have withdrall symptoms: nausea, gas, night sweats et all. Any suggestions taking into consideration that I'll  have back surgery in 2 weeks????
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so are you asking how to stay off? or what w/ds are like? just clarify you question a lil and i be glad to help if i can
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Give them to someone else to hold on too and give you your doses and only take it until you can change over to Advil witch may be sooner then you think then have who ever has been holding your pills get rid of the others .I had to do this when I had major surgery a year and a half ago by day 3 or 4 I was able to change over to Advil and a heating pad then first few days were a little uncomfortable but doable.just take the most precautions you can . good luck let us know what happens
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