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please someone answer my question how long will this last

My step down program with suboxone has been going well I have dealt with the irritability, no sleep, and oh my goodness the tired feeling for some time.  I started the program 4 months ago and each time I have reduce the amount I have taken a day even though the doctor says to take more.  I want out for ever.  at the end here for 3 weeks I took .5 mg  once a day.  Then the doctors says go one day .5 then one day none.  I went one day .5 then one day none and then the next day .5 well the day with out I was so tired and irritable that I decided enough is enough so I have not taken any for 11days.  How long before I start feeling 100 %  and no more feeling like rubber or irritable.  I will not go back to anything else even suboxone I promise you that.  I just want to know how long.  Please.
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Well My friend I am on day 360 off Subs and everything else and for me it took quite a while before I felt close to "normal"  even three months in I still felt pretty ****** but manageable.  I still cant say I know what normal feels like.  I have good days great days tolerable days and sometimes miserable days.  But I did subs for one year.  If you only did them for 4 months I think your time will be easier.  Are you regularly exercising?
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100% could be months away........ 50% might be several weeks away.....Are you familiar with the infant dose syringe and the water soluble solution for dosing 1/4mg and less?  Guess that doesnt make any difference if you are firm about not going back to anything - -  Are you taking an SSRI or following the amino acid protocols?
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Yes I am exercising.  I do not know what the SSRI or amino acid protocol is.
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The SSRI would be a Selective Seretonin Re-uptake Inhibitor - - - your basic Anti-Depressant......If you are not on an SSRI you probably want to follow the Amino Acid Protocols - - some of the amino's act like antidepressants.....they elevate available seretonin for your brain to utilize....stuff like 5-HTP and Sam-e... much like an AD.    Some amino's work with the anxiety - the amino Theanine is like a natural valium.  Some work against the fatigue - the amino L-Tyrosine works like natural speed. - - - - - -   Keep reading through the Health Pages and you will learn a great deal.
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