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popped blood vessel

I am on day 5 of of weaning myself, when I woke up this am my eye was half blood, like half of my blood vessel blew?  Is this common?  I ahve not been vominting or anything, taking valium and light dosgae of vics/
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clonidine is a great drug it reduces your bp and helps settle your w/ds, its non addictive and really helps,take care
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blood pressure was my first thought...do get it checked...withdrawl can cause an increase in bp...especialy a tough wd...feel for u and be safe...get it checked
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No it is not normal. Go to ER and get things checked out. You made need something for blood pressure, like addict3 just said.
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I am not a doctor.
Have you checked your blood pressure?
High BP can cause that to happen. how much valium and how light vic dosage?
Hope more experience will chime in to help you.
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