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pregnant need help NOT judged

I am currently 33 weeks pregnant. I was addicted to opiates up until my 5th month of pregnancy, at the 5th month i quit taking pain pills and have been on suboxone ever since. My OB doc is aware of my situation, and i am waiting to be seen by and actual suboxone doc.. I am SUPER scared and nervous that my baby girl will be born with withdrawl symptoms, i know what i did was wrong, and it haunts me every day and every night, i cant get it off of my mind. So i dont need anyone putting me down, what i have done puts me down enough for the rest of my life. Im looking for information on if anyone has been through this and knows what im going through. I would also like any info on CPS or laws of CPS in the state of indiana, remember i have told my OB and shortly will be seeing on OB suboxone doc.. just looking for other opinions and answers from moms who have already been through this so i know what to expect.. i would really appriciate it ALOT!! thanks
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I want to welcome you, say my piece, then get out of the way so others can offer their help and support. You will not be judged here or put down. You may be given information and/or suggestions that you won't like or don't want to hear, but it will never be personal. So relax a little, let your guard down a bit. You're in a good place.
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well i really appriciate it. and i hope for positive feed back.
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Hi and welcome to the forum.  I am so happy to read you have talked to your OB about this.  That is usually the hardest part when a pg woman comes on here.  Are the subs you are taking now prescribed by a sub doc or will this be your first visit?  Is the OB referring you to him/her?  

Are you worried about CPS stepping in?
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if ur ob knows about it and u have a script cps normally cant do much. ur taking steps to better urself and get clean thats what they want. just make sure u keep heading the right dir. and quit stressing the baby feels what u feel do u have any aftercare, therepy, meetings...ect? im on sub and il tell u its a whole program to give u time to change ur habits and things u need out of ur life. as far as w/d goes ur not suposed to quit pills ct when ur prgo its too much stress on the baby. but u do need to hav a script for sub. taking the lowest amount to keep u comfotable is the best way to avoid the baby having w/d good luck keep us updated. please
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Right now i am seeing a regular OB doctor and i have an appoitment tomorrow morning at 8:30. She knows my situation but im not currently perscribed them, she will be referring me to the actual suboxone doc from there, then i will be perscribed to them. I'm nervous because im due november 16th and i feel like there is not enough time to get everything reffered and on track. I'm going through wishard memorial hospital because in the state of indiana that is the only hospital here that i can go through that provides suboxone help for pregnant women. And yes im REALLY worried about CPS stepping in because im trying to better myself and do the right thing for myself and mainly for my daughter. I understand what i did was wwwaaay wrong and i wish it would've never happened this way. I just see it in my eyes that since i really want help and want to change for the rest of my life and i know i will be a good mom, i should be able to keep my daughter, im really worried... i love her with everything i just can't bare to think of her getting taken from me. Im losing sleep over it, its hard for me to eat, im stressing myself out way too much and im trying my best not to because i know it stresses my daughter out as well. Thats why i turned to this website. I appriciate you posting on here it helps alot!
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Im not currently going to any meetings or anything because i havent yet seen the sub doc. Unless there is classes that i can take before i see him that i dont know about yet. Tomorrow i have a doctors appoitment in the morning, i will def ask about it. I want to get everything started as soon as possible. I wish that i would've been able to start sooner but i didn't have medicaide and that took 2 months for some reason for them to put me on it, and i couldn't start getting seen at wishard until i had medicaide. They also didn't provide any back pay programs i could do. so i had to wait until i was approved.. I am taking just a little little peice of an 8mg strip a day, i don't want to put alot of anything in my system. I will def keep you guys updated and i will be open and appriciate as much help as you guys are willing to offer. Thank you very much!!!
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aloha, and welcome to the family, we will never judge you cause we here have been thru, or on a detox and struggling. im on a rapid percocet detox from about 14 or moren10/325s a day, tried many different tapers with my drs help and failed all of them. i now live in texas for my husbands job offer and was not able to pick any of my refills up since the med pads are so different. my dr called in norco 10/325 to help the wds, and in the mean time i sent my refill home to be filled and mailed back. went thru some madd wds going from percocet to vicodens. when i recieved it i started at a low dose since i was off percocets for a week, tapered down to 6 a day and ran out. called my dr for more and his new nurse refuses to put him on the phone so thankfully was able to get my other drs to call in vicoden. i have rite under 30 left, droped from about 120 mgs of vicoden to 60 in the last week and half. boy do i feel like crap. but i also am on the thomas recipe to help. its used for ct or rapid detox. day 1 and 2 didnt feel bad, but oh day 3 yesterday i thought id die. my head wanted to explode, i was itchy and just had the worse chills and aches. i finally got my dr to call in xanax which i was using to promote sleep thru the detox, after 2 days of no sleep i took that and a hot salt soak and slept hard for 3-4 hrs. i dont know about your state, but in the state of hawaii if you are prescibed the meds you were taking they cant do anything. also if there are no traces in the system its less of a hassle. i went into preterm labor and at that time was about 6 1/2 mths with my son and a urine catch showed opiates, cps was there and all, and my dr had to step in and say that he had me on the medication for migrains. which i was. now you say your on subs, and not prescribed, that will be a problem for cps. try hard to wait to you appt. but hang in there and rest. cps cannot take your baby if your dr have been prescribing them, or while pregnant you seek treatment. atleast in the state of hawaii. they may linger around and ask for a few house visits and drug screenings, but if you come out clean they will eventually leave you alone. hang in there and know your in the rite direction. i know its hard, but we can do it, leanne
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yes u can go to na meetings for free at any time the have several everyday everywhere just google it and u can find alot of them
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just try ur hardest to get ur script b4 ur due date and it will cover u. i honestly dont think its right to take a baby from its mom who is seeking help and u r.
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You have been honest with your OB so she knows of your situation.  I would try and relax a bit as CPS doesnt want to come in and just take a baby away from someone who is trying to straighten out their life.  They do step in when there are surprises but there wont be any with you.   Take some deep breaths and try to eat something.
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Dear Kayla,
I am a NICU nurse and I care for babies born addicted. You got good advice here so far. Guilt feelings are a waste of time, so let's get to work here.
Believe it or not, your breast milk can help your baby girl if, indeed, she is born addicted. Make sure you eat well and keep hydrated and healthy. Make sure your milk comes and either breastfeed her or pump your breast and bottle feed her your milk. That way she gets a little of your sub. As you taper the dose, it tapers for her and she gradually comes off the drugs that way.  Good luck to you.
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how r u doing?
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Hello and welcome!

I agree with everyone else, TRY to relax a little bit, you're doing the right thing. The most important thing is that you're doc is aware of everything.

That being said, does your OB know you're taking Suboxone?  Suboxone (WITH the Narcan in it) is usually contraindicated in pregnancy, usually Subutex would be Rx'd (the Sub that doesn't contain Narcan).  Does the Sub doc you have the appt with know you're pregnant?  In my experience, most Sub docs won't take on a pregnant woman, so hopefully you've worked with your OB to find a Sub doc that knows the situation and has some experience treating pregnant women.

I don't think you have much at all to worry about as far as CPS goes, being that you're being honest with your doc.  In the worst case scenaio, if they get involved, they won't automatically take your baby.  They will work with you, and maybe want to monitor you, to make sure you're staying clean and getting some kind of aftercare.  Like someone else said, CPS would always prefer to keep the child with the parent(s) if at all possible.  What's your living situation like?  Do you have support from family and friends?  What about the baby's father?  Is he in the picture?  Does he abuse drugs or alcohol?  Those are the kinds of things that CPS will be interested in finding out.

Aftercare is SO important.  You can go to NA/AA meetings, seek out a private therapist if that's an option for you.  You need to explore what brought you here, and make the necessary changes to make sure you don't go down that road again.  An addict can never let their guard down.

I wish you nothing but the best, I'm looking forward to reading about your progress, and hearing about your new baby!  Congrats!
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