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Hello all.  I don't want to seem like I am complaining too much as I know many of you have turned around from much worse than what I am going through.  I am comming off of hydrocodone, this is my 6th day and it has been the hardest so far.  I lost my job due to the accident that got me hooked, I lost my drivers licence, and I am depressed.  I do not have health insurance or very much money, but need to talk to someone very soon. How much does it cost to talk to a psychologist or a psychiatrist and what is the difference between the two?  Are there any services to help out with the cost?  
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Hi there..please don't feel like you are complaining..we have all done our fair share LOl..as for the difference between the 2..a psychiatrist can prescribe meds while a psychologist can not.. hand in there..congratulations on day 6..You will be feeling better and better..keep posting...
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Yes each and every state has a program and it sounds like for now you need to apply for medicaid! Since you have no income approval should be easy and also they will automatically enroll you for anything else you qualify for such as food stamps and so forth. Hang in there!!
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Rose has some good ideas and for your drug problem you might try na,,their free and ready to help,,gl
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Here were I live, there are different programs for people who have addictions, and are depressed where counselors, vounlteer, their time to work with people. Plus the health department here has a mental department, where they have therapists to speak with low or at no cost. You first need to go down to the health department , which every city has and find out your options. They are very understanding and will help you get the help you need. We are also here for you, so keep posting and good luck to you. Congrats on day 6. Girly
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Thank you all for your comments.  I have lost my job, but have an income with my long term disability.  My wife is a school teacher also so the medicaid/foodstamp programs are not an option.  We looked into that a while back and they do not take into consideration the bills.  My doctor stuck me with an additional EMS ride and hospital bill due to a pinched carpral (do not know how to spell) tunnel nerve.  He also charged me for the surgery the next day and I have been battling the hospitals and collections agencies for almost two years now.  I will go to the health clinic, thank you for the suggestion.  

It just seems strange that my symptoms do not match most others in this forum.  I have not had many physical symptoms (no skin crawling, vomiting, etc).  I just have no energy and even when I stand I feel like I need to lean on something.  The depression and anxiety is terrible and getting worse everyday.  The first couple of days wasn't near as bad as it is getting now.  I just hope that it does not get much worse and starts getting better.  I am also taking college classes online and have absolutely no motivation to work on it.
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an addiction specialistinur area may help the most
They can tell u one in ur area
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If I get medical help will it be on my permanent record?  Who would they contact and who would have access to this information?  Thank you for the phone number.
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No...here it would not be on ur record..it is not a rehab...i had to worry about this due to my nursing license..it is safe
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