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question about Xanax and Celexa

I have a question - I just detoxed from Vicodin, about 9 days ago. I still ahve anxiety, my doctor gave me Celexa which is okay, my question is, is it okay to take Xanax and Celexa together? I used to take Xanax too for panic attacks, and for now I know it will make me feel better. Does anyone know if they can be taken together? I have never been hooked on Xanax at all, so that is not a problem.


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so i have not had responses, and I really need to know if I can take these two together, as I am supposed to take the Celexa everyday but had to take the Xanax today for anxiety (and it REALLY helped) by the way, this is the first time I feel kind of better in 9 days.

Also, is it normal to still have leg cramps after 9 days without Vic???
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re xanax and Celexa.

I am new to this site.  I know you can take both together.  I was on Celexa 40 mg. and was also given a prescription for xanax.  I was to take the xanax.when I got so jumpy inside that I couldn't stand it.  I used it as an as needed basis and was fine taking both together.

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Yes, you can take them together.  Dr.s often prescribe them together until the Celexa kicks in.  BUT be careful with xanax.  It is also addicting and can be life threatening to get off of (I have read this).  

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where u was taking the vic it will take a while for your body to get use to not haveing them. your legs could cramp for months or just days depends on how many and how long. and im on xanax if i get low or run it it is the worse thing ever its like the flu but a whole lot worse, i would stick to celexa
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