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question on withdrawal?

hey guys, I know I have been posting often so most of you know my situation. it has been 3 weeks now, and I have only stumbled twice, both times were minor, I used only 20mg of oxy the first time, which was about 2 weeks ago and the second time was a little worse, I took 20mg at night and then a little less then 20mg in the morning, I never really felt anything from them just enough to keep going. However, that was this past fri. and sat. morning, now for the last couple of night I have been dealing with the restless leg and a little of the sweats although I'm slowly starting to get rid of them.  so its been about 3 days since I last had anything (20mg) and I'm struggling...amazingly I'm doing very well with work and my girlfriend as well. I think they are the two things keeping my head on straight.  Any words of wisdom.......

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it will get beter... just keep in mind that what you are doing
isn"t going to be perfect..but it very well may be the simplest!

are you on zink, magnesium, copper supplements? they can really
make a difference!

keep an angel on you shoulder
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You sound really great, keep up the good work.
Thank god for the subtle reminders showing you that you don't want to go back there!
Keep focused, take life a minute at a time if you have to.
Try the supplements as Kip suggested!
Good luck!!
Lv Jenny
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thanks for the comments guys, I need to hear those things...... i'm worried about tonight, I have plans with my girlfriend and I have this feeling my leg will act up and that is the worst situation to be in..... I just hope it will be fine....
thanks again, i greatly appreciate your posts.

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You sound like you're doing great. Keep up the good work. The vitimins really help me too. I do have a question for you though. I think my boyfriend relapsed this weekend. Nothing major but pinned eyed and some nodding. You mentioned your girlfriend being there helps you. Well when I questioned him on it he denied it of course. Said it was from taking Lomotil(prescribtion for diahera) and some zanax. Looked like some opiates to me. I didn't leave but he got mad at me for not believeing him. I know he loves me and he said that he can't do it without me. I exersize with him, we go to meetings together, spend some time laughing once again. But I can't stand to see him using. I am finding it soooo very hard to leave but do you think he would be better off without me always keeping him in check. I know I can't stop him from using and he was great last night. looked very clean. But I don't want to be there when he isn't. Does your girlfriend keep you in check or should I back off and let him go. He threatens to give up completely if I leave him but I also don't want to enable him. And I need to stay clean. I will have 90 days on the eleventh. I don't know what to do. Any insight or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Praying for each and every one of us. annie
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unfortunately, my girlfriend doesn't necessarily know all my truths about addiction........ needless to say I didn't feel like explaining all of it. ( I know its awful ) she keeps me sober because now that I have been sober for a little bit, I realize what she means to me and how my life revolves around her.  I don't ever want to go through withdrawal and have to avoid her or have to lie to her ever again which is what is keeping me sober.

in your situation, keeping on him won't do anything, he has to want to stop, if he doesn't then your efforts are useless.  Tell him that he needs to want it, if he does then let it go and see what happens, if you think he is using again, then its in your best interest to be on your own.  Good luck, post often and let me know what you think.  

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addiction is complex disease for people who like to make things
complicated. i'm an addict and drugs or not sometimes i have a
great deal of difficulty just leaving well enough alone.

90 days!!! that's great. if your boyfriends using threatens your
abbility to stay clean,run away from him as fast as you can. of
course you can choose to stay by his side (i'm sure he has other
things going for him).

my wife is a recovering addict. i'm 50 and i've been using drugs
since i was 13 or 14. i did manage to put 17 continious years of
clean time in, but i'm back on the hell bound train. taking my
oxycontin as i am supposed is the hardest thing i will ever do.
even when i take as directed, i still will nod and i get pinned
pupils. this is very upsetting to my wife, and that really tares
me up.

two addicts in a serious relationship might work if at least one
of them is clean. if they are both using forget it! i've been
there and it's not pretty and it sure isn't simple.

i can't tell you to leave or stay with this guy. thats a decision
you have to make and live with. if you do stay with him, estab-
lish boundrys. if he is on the nod, get away from him (he really
has no use for you in that condition).

remember there are two truths about addiction:
1) not every addict lives thru addiction.
2) not every addict will find complete recovery

kind of cruel, don't you think? sorry i didn't make these rules,
i just have to live by them.

keep an angel on your shoulder
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