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I have been a marijuana smoker since before my pregnancy and its been real hard for me to stop but I have been clean for about 20 days now. I suffer from depression and My due date is this Friday 9/19 will this affect me, my child or will they take him away from me? Very concerned!!! I know that I can't take any over the counter meds to clean my system... What should I do? Advice please
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I think they test the baby and if it has it in their system they might call cps.
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You need to be very honest with your OB.  That way there will be no surprises.  If you dont there is a real good chance that CPS will show up as most babies are tested at birth.
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as long as the OB is aware of this and has it in their records you should be ok.  if you don't tell them and it pops up as a surprise then cps is called.

DO NOT take the chance of that happening.  please.  tell your OB
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