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quitting heroin cold turkey ....again

26 year old male from new orleans and i am on day 2 of kicking heroin....off and on use iv for 10 years. been to countless rehabs from 1 week detoxs 28 day programs and 1 year programs and nothing has seemed to work yet besides being locked up or in rehab.. and i still managed to use my drug of choice in jail AND rehab...im just ran out of money and resources to get any dope almost 48 hours ago so thats really why im not using at the moment but i figured ive made it 2 days already and im alive. im just really scared of how long this lasts.. withdrawal(atleast the bad part constant vomiting diahrea and wanting to tear out of my skin last for a week and then its just the no energy cant sleep and weird social anxiety part that just drag on and on and on seems like for atleast up to a month and a half! ive been praying even tho im not religious im more spiritual ive just been asking for the strength to make a conscious decision to not go get any dope when money ccomes around which trust me it will soon. im sorry guys im just  real lonely, my girlfriend left me and im in  my little studio apartment all alone just me and my cat. Will give updates hope to hear from some fellow addicts going thru "the struggle" we all know too well. Much love from down south!
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Hey,congrats on 2 days...even if it wasn't deliberate. But come on,if you really really wanted it bad enough,bet you coulda found a way. We always do. But you didn't,so there has to be some part of you that's hit rock bottom and is done with it. If you're really wanting to quit you need to cut ALL your recoures. Delete your dealers,block their numbers etc...if they come to you tell them no more,and don't come around again. The nasty w/d part lets up in a week to 10 days. The lathargy,no energy or sleep hangs around for awhile. This doesn't sound like your first rodeo,so I'm sure you know all this. Posting here got me through some rough nights. Plus I go to meetings 4 days a week,more if I'm having a bad day. Let this be your final detox dude,it's so much better over here on the other side. I'm almost 8 months clean. I still have bad days,but way more good days now.
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Thanks Krissy I really appreciate that and u are right ..I could have gotten my *** out there and hustled and did what I needed to do to get my **** but I made the decision to stay in bed ..now if money magically fell in my lap that would probably have been a different story. See I've been on both sides I've been exactly where u are now 8 months clean and I felt amazing but then I stopped going to meetings and started hangin around using buddies who have been my friends my whole life and sooner or later even tho I told myself I can be around it now without using I've been clean 8months that didn't work for me atleast . But i want to get back to that 8 months clean mind frame I had where I enjoyed my hobbies again like playing guitar or going to festivals or just anything not high! Goin out to eat with the fam ya kno? I'm just so scared of the battle ahead of me and so pissed I'm back to square one! But I really really want this and thanks for reminding me of that just now Krissy!
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You just hit the nail on the head.  You stopped going to meetings, and you got right back into using dope.  

The meetings, in your case definitely, are going to save your life and get you out of this misery.   They're non-negotiable for some folks (many, in my humble opinion.)

This is no way to live life...think about going back to the meetings and try to figure out WHY you stopped last time you had a decent stretch of sobriety.  Did you have a sponsor? Were you working the steps?   Relapses start in our head, then we take action that brings us one step closer to using, then another step, and like a moth to flame, we're back where we were.

Just some food for thought.
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Congrats on day 3 now?  Regardless of why you quit this time...you are here. You know the drill and will get that 8 months and then some again if you fight for it.

As hard as it can be, changing your playmates and playgrounds can  change your course.

Stick around...fight for you.
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Hey buddy:  How are you doing?

It's the 4th of July and you live in New Orleans..i can just imagine all the triggers to get high and drunk that are out there.

Please come back...even if you relapsed, we won't judge, we are here to help.

Sending you love and prayers honey,

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How are you feeling today? Any BETTER at all??its been 32 hours since my last use of H and I feel terrible!! Hope you're well!!!
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You can do this! Keep checking in...people are routing for you.
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I'm quitting too. Hope your doing well
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