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reallly need some help with urd??

What is ultra rapid detox? What kind of meds do they give?
Is it safe?
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I dont know alot about it but what i have heard is not so good.  Please do your homework on this one.  Someone will be on that knows something!!!  Take care   sara
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i am like sarah, i dont know anything about it but i do remember a few weeks back a guy was here that was going through a really bad time after going through it...do your research....
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Check out the web for the rapid detox ---- they put you down with anasthetic and then IV a bunch of stuff in you while your asleep.....theoretically you will be clean when they get finished.........the method in Quebec is being investigated for several deaths that occurred during their therapy .......... Seems like it would be really hard on the body to me .... also doesnt have a method of dealing with post acute anything ..... getting off the pills is admirable, but no good unless you have a plan for aftercare.......Bottom line is that the vast majority of people need more help and time than they would ever have thought necessary....and that it may take several months to become anything resembling normal again.....feel free to PM me anytime that you wish ------ and good luck ---
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I seriously considered the Rapid Detox -- found what I thought was the best one -- it is in Las Vegas and cost $9800 bucks.  You go to sleep about 10 to 12 hours and then they wake you and tell you that you are clean.  You stay in the hospital another 2 or 3 days and they send you home.   I contacted several who had the procedure and were very unhappy with it ---- still have a lot of W/D symptoms.   I know what you are feeling --- I too would have done most anything to avoid the W/D's ----  So, I made a very stupid mistake and went on Suboxone ---- Stayed on it for 21 days - then went through the most horrible W/D symptoms for almost 2 months. Almost all of the folks on this site who post after coming off Sub are very negative about it -- just like Methadone or the Rapid Detox----  We are all looking for the painless way to get off the Opiates ---  Truth is the only way I have found that works for sure is either CT or Taper method ---  There is NO pain free way to get through the W/D's or to avoid them altogether.  Wish you all the best.
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agree..everyone i spoke too resented the fact they spent close to ten grand and came home in wds..feeling awful....supposedly cleqan ur receptors to make them drug free..do not see how this is possible unless they make an incision and scrub each receptor!  impossible....i do not see any physiological reason how it could work...plus the physical part of this is the easy part...r they gonna implant something in ur brain to make u never use again?   aftercare and will power keeps us clean...no free ticket out...make a plan that doesnt cost a fortune..plus i think when u do this on ur own u feel more self confident
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the ultra rapid detox is horrid and very hard on the body. I found coming off methadone "normally" this time easier. Truly, it is not a rapid detox, I still felt like I'd been hit by a train for a few weeks. Looking back, after going through methadone detox normally this time and now being on about day 62, I can see no difference in the first few weeks as to how i felt from either event. They were both hard, and long lasting. And the actual "rapid" part, where they put you under and do whatever it is to expell opiates from your system "quickly and painlessly", oh boy, that is bad. yes i was under general anesthetic, but i do recall coming to throughout the 12 hours or however long it is, and it was Horrible!!

There is no quick and easy fix unfortunately. I found the depression that hit post rapid detox was crippling, and within 6 weeks resulted in a massive relapse. This time, it hasn't been as bad.
I'm sorry to say, I am no fan of it. Perhaps for quicker acting opiates ie heroin, maybe it works better. But for the longer acting ones, it's a nasty event and i don't think they should tout it as a cure for opiate addiction- it builds up hope that within a day or two you'll be a normal person again.
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